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Allman, Gregg - low country blues [2011]
Die Kritiker sind voll des Lobes! Kein neues Album der Allman Brothers, aber ein großartiges, neues Solo-Werk von Gregg Allman. Traditioneller, ursprünglicher, sehr authentischer Blues(rock), wobei die Blueskomponenten klar im Vordergrund stehen. Durch die Musik, wie sollte es auch anders sein, zieht eine herrliche Brise Southern-Soul, allein schon durch Gregg's unverwechselbaren Gesang. Und er ist prima bei Stimme. Eine beeindruckende, ja ganz starke Vorstellung des Ober-Allmans!

Hier der Kommentar von "Hittin' The Note" zu diesem Werk im Original:

Gregg Allman is one of the most iconic blues singers of all time, a certified rock star and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who has been the voice of the Allman Brothers Band for over four decades. T Bone Burnett is the most celebrated producer in music today, winning a Grammy for Alison Krauss and Robert Plant's collaboration Raising Sand and producing everybody from Elvis Costello to Elton John and Leon Russell. What do you get when you combine these two legendary talents?
The answer is Low Country Blues, the finest roots-blues record in years. With the help of T Bone's usual gang of master musicians, including a memorable turn on piano by New Orleans' own Dr. John, Gregg sings the blues as only he can, and Burnett captures the magic with the clarity and purity that have become his hallmark as a producer. Gregg's solo efforts in the past have tended to be more song-oriented and less jam-focused than the Allman Brothers Band, and this is no exception. The emphasis is on vibe and feel, with Gregg squarely in the spotlight where he belongs.
The bulk of Low Country Blues consists of classic blues tunes, all showcasing Gregg's signature vocals and B-3 work, but the album also features "Just Another Rider," a great new song Gregg co-wrote with Warren Haynes. This plaintive anthem picks up where "Midnight Rider" left off, continuing the mythology of the wandering, road-hardened gypsy that has always been a part of Allman's persona.
Of the blues tunes, standout tracks include a positively fierce version of Muddy Waters' "I Can't Be Satisfied," with Gregg wailing the blues. Other highlights are the rollicking "I Believe I'll Go Back Home," the R&B joy of "Please Accept My Love" and the brooding seven-minute version of "Rolling Stone" that closes the album, but one of the best things about Low Country Blues is how it all flows together into one piece of music. It's a true album as opposed to a collection of songs, and it's hard to pick favorites from this record without feeling like you're leaving something out. Words like "timeless" and "classic" get thrown around too lightly sometimes, but this album would have sounded great in 1960, it sounds great now, and it will still sound great in 2060.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1 Floating Bridge - 4:45   
2 Little By Little - 2:45   
3 Devil Got My Woman - 4:52   
4 I Can't Be Satisfied - 3:31   
5 Blind Man - 3:46   
6 Just Another Rider - 5:39   
7 Please Accept My Love - 3:07   
8 I Believe I'll Go Back Home - 3:49   
9 Tears, Tears, Tears - 4:54   
10 My Love is Your Love - 4:14   
11 Checking On My Baby - 4:06   
12 Rolling Stone - 7:04

Art-Nr.: 7242
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Castro, Tommy & The Painkillers - method to my madness [2015]
Der großartige Bluesrock-Veteran und exzellente Gitarrist Tommy Castro legt mit seiner baumstarken, aktuellen Formation, den Painkillers, den Nachfolger zu seinem letztjährigen, famosen "The devil you know" vor und zeigt eindrucksvoll, in welch blendender Verfassung er und seine Jungs nach wie vor aufspielen. Bestens groovender, funky, classic, soulful Blues und Bluesrock, umgesetzt in exzellentem Songmaterial. Sehr inspiriert! Klasse Album!

Die Produktbeschreibung im Original:

Night after night, Tommy Castro, a fierce and fiery road warrior, fervently delivers his driving, blues-soaked, soul-baring music to fans all over the world. Over the course of his four-decade career, Castro has played thousands of shows to hundreds of thousands of fans, packing dance floors, always leaving them screaming for more. He and his band, The Painkillers (currently featuring bassist Randy McDonald, keyboardist Michael Emerson and drummer Bowen Brown), play music that is guaranteed to fire up fans and with Method To My Madness, the group turns the intensity up another notch. “My main objective when making a new album,” says Castro, “is to do something different from before. I’ve always been a blues guy; it’s what I’m meant to do. But I’m always listening and reacting to what’s going on in the outside world, experimenting with my guitar tone and my songwriting approach to constantly keep my music fresh. In the end, though, my brand is on every song.” Method To My Madness finds Tommy Castro And The Painkillers at their very best. It is instantly a career-defining highlight in a lifetime full of them. From the opening one-two punch of everyman anthems Common Ground and Shine A Light to the full-tilt energy of the title track to the searing, deep soul ballad Died And Gone To Heaven, Tommy and the band are firing on all cylinders. From the bayou rock of Got A Lot and the atmospheric, autobiographical Ride to the reinvented version of the Clarence Carter hit I’m Qualified and the emotional cover of B.B. King’s Bad Luck, Tommy Castro And The Painkillers continue to break new ground while simultaneously having an incredible amount of fun. After spending his 20s gigging around in a variety of San Francisco-area blues and soul bands, Castro joined Warner Brothers’ artists The Dynatones in the late 1980s before forming The Tommy Castro Band in 1991. He released his debut album in 1996 on Blind Pig and hit the road hard, picking up new fans everywhere he went. In the mid-1990s The Tommy Castro Band served as the house band for three seasons on NBC Television’s Comedy Showcase (airing right after Saturday Night Live), bringing him in front of millions of viewers every week. During the 1990s and into the 2000s, Castro released a series of critically acclaimed CDs for Blind Pig, Telarc and 33rd Street Records, as well as one on his own Heart And Soul label. Castro joined Alligator Records in 2009, releasing Hard Believer and winning four of his six career Blues Music Awards including the coveted B.B. King Entertainer Of The Year Award (the very highest award a blues performer can receive). His song Hard Believer took first place in the blues category of the International Songwriting Competition. Castro formed The Painkillers in 2012, creating a lean, mean four-piece lineup and leaving his tight horn section behind. Fueled by Tommy’s voice and guitar plus bass, drums and keyboards, the band released The Devil You Know in 2014, winning over hordes of new fans. Castro stripped his music down to its raw essence with the band hammering their point home on the bandstand. Jambands declared, “Tommy Castro And The Painkillers are a crackling, stripped-down band with plenty of grit and a rocking soul.” Now, with Method To My Madness, Tommy Castro And The Painkillers are ready to unleash their new songs on music fans everywhere. “With the new album,” Castro says, “I was trying to get back to my basic ingredients: blues and soul. I went for the energy of connecting with my band. We kept everything raw, capturing the feeling of playing live. I’m not about being perfect,” he says, summing up. “I’m about being real.” Clearly that is the method to his madness.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Common Ground - 4:14
2. Shine A Light - 4:34
3. Method To My Madness - 3:14
4. Died And Gone To Heaven - 5:02
5. Got A Lot - 3:50
6. No Such Luck - 4:23
7. Two Hearts - 3:40
8. I'm Qualified - 3:10
9. Ride - 4:40
10. Lose Lose - 5:17
11. All About The Cash - 4:31
12. Bad Luck - 3:27

Art-Nr.: 9005
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Common ground
Shine a light
Method to my madness
Died and gone to heaven
Got a lot
No such luck
Two hearts
All about the cash

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Chesnutt, Mark - rollin' with the flow [2008]
Mark Chesnutt, der ohne Zweifel zu den belibtesten Traditionalisten der Countrymusic zählt, beglückt die Welt des Country mit einem neuen Album! Und wie immer, wenn Chesnutt die Veröffentlichung neuer Songs ankündigt, ist die Erwartungshaltung der Fans riesig - und wie immer werden die Fans in keinster Weise enttäuscht! Im Gegenteil: Es ist eine Wohltat zu beobachten mit welcher Kontinuität und Konsequenz Chesnutt seinen Weg abseits jeglicher "hipper" Trends fortsetzt. So auch auf "Rollin' with the flow", einem weiteren ganz wunderbaren Album allerbester, lupenreiner, schnörkelloser, honky-tonkin' "Pure Country Music" von zeitloser Qualität! Oftmals zieht sich durch die 12 neuen Songs ein herrliches Western-Flair. Zudem ist der Albumtitel Programm! Will heißen: Die Musik des Albums "rollt" weitestgehend sehr locker, mit einem äußerst angenehmen "flow" in die Ohren der dies wohlwollend genießenden Countryfreunde. Der Anteil von Balladen und flotteren Songs ist ausgewogen verteilt. Zu der letzteren Kategorie zählen beispielsweise die knackige, dennoch völlig lockere, mit einem unterschwelligen Cajun-Flair behaftete Dancehall Country-Nummer "Going on later on" mit ihrer feinen Melodie, dem tollen Saloon-/Honky Tonk-Piano, der zwirbelnden Fiddle und den großartigen Gitarrenlinien (Brent Mason), das mit viel Waylon Jennings-Flair ausgestattete "Live to be 100" (klasse Steelguitar von Paul Franklin, schöner Banjo-Background), die großartige, rhythmische und würzige Midtempo Honky Tonk-Nummer "(Come on in) The whiskey's fine" (starkes Steel-Solo in der Mitte), die wie ein Mix aus George Jones und Hank Williams jr. klingt, oder auch der erdige Honky Tonker "If the devil brought you roses", während unter den Balladen solch starke Nummern wie der prächtige, im mittleren Tempo präsentierte, lockere Opener "Things we do in Wichita" (wunderbare Gitarrenlicks), das romantische "When you love her like crazy" (feine Baritone-Gitarre, heulende Steelguitar), die traumhafte Honky Tonk-Ballade "She never got me over you" mit ihrem wunderschönen Gitarren-/Steelguitar- und Fiddle-Zusammenspiel (ein toll gelungenes Remake aus dem unvergessenen Fundus des großen Keith Whitley), oder die von einem herrlichen Western-Flair durchzogene, sehr melodische, erstklassig gelungene Neufassung des 1977iger Charlie Rich-Klassikers "Rollin' with the flow" zu finden sind. Mark Chesnutt selbst bezeichnet die Musik seines neuen Albums als ein Spiegelbild seiner selbst und äußert sich in Statements über das Werk sehr, sehr zufrieden. Völlig zu Recht, denn es ist ein weiteres, großartiges Bekenntnis zu klassischer Honky Tonk-Countrymusic! Klasse! Mark Chesnutt wie er leibt und lebt!

Art-Nr.: 5783
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 14,90

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Civil Wars, The - same [2013]
Sehnlichst erwartetes Follow-Up des grandiosen Americana-/Singer-Songwriter-/Alternative Country-/Folk Rock-Duos Joy Williams und John Paul White zu dem mit 3 Grammys dekorierten, frenetisch gefeierten Debut "Barton hollow". The Civil Wars machen genau da weiter, wo sie mit ihrem Vorgänger aufgehört haben. Songmaterial und Performance sind exzellent!

Kurze Original-Produktinfo:
The Civil Wars' highly anticipated sophomore self-titled album is the follow up to the three-time Grammy Award-winning duo's acclaimed debut, Barton Hollow.
The Civil Wars was recorded in Nashville between August 2012 and January 2013. Charlie Peacock was once again at the helm as producer for the album. Additionally, Rick Rubin produced the duo's performance for the track "I Had Me a Girl" in August of 2011. Peacock later completed the track by producing the instrumentation and mix.

Exklusives "Track by Track"-Review zu allen Stücken des Albums von Joy Williams:


This song pays homage to regret. Nearly everybody I've come across has somebody in their life that they wonder what life would be like if they'd never met that person. It's that sliding-door moment -- in the blink of an eye everything could change. Either for the positive or the negative.
John Paul and I wrote this song in the screened-in porch of my and Nate's new home. I remember warm breezes blowing, a mild day. I had recently had my son, Miles, who happened to be asleep with Nate in the living room, right next to the porch. I remember asking John Paul to play quietly so he didn't wake up the baby.


This song always conjures up an image of a glass of whiskey and a lit cigarette. It's a little brooding. A little dangerous. It smolders. It has swagger and grit. It's full of innuendo and Southern Gothic tones. I love the feel of this track, and the way this song came together on the record. "I Had Me a Girl" is one of those musical moments that makes me wish I knew how to play electric guitar. Or any guitar, for that matter.


This song, to me, represents the ache of monogamy. This isn't an "I'm leaving you" song. It's a vulnerable confession of "I don't want to leave. I want to work on this -- with you." Having said that, someone once told me a story about long-term relationships: to think of them as a continent to explore. I could spend a lifetime backpacking through Africa, and I would still never know all there is to know about that continent. To stay the course, to stay intentional, to stay curious and connected -- that's the heart of it. But it's so easy to lose track of the trail, to get tired, to want to give up, or to want a new adventure. It can be so easy to lose sight of the goodness and mystery within the person sitting right in front of you. That continent idea inspires me, and makes the ache when it comes hurt a little less. To know that it happens to all of us. What I'm realizing now is that sometimes the "same old same old" can actually be rich, worthwhile and a great adventure.


This song is an anthem for the lonely. Sometimes you come across somebody who thinks they are hiding their pain, but if we are all honest, nobody is very good at it. "You're like a mirror, reflecting me. Takes one to know one, so take it from me.” When John Paul and I wrote this late one night in Birmingham, England, we decided to change the pronoun at the end of the song. We wanted to represent that we all experience loneliness in our lives.


We brought in our producer, Charlie Peacock, on this song. He helped with arrangements and really helped take the song to a totally different place. Sometimes as an artist, you can't see what needs re-arranging when you're so "in it." Charlie brought perspective. Almost like an eavesdrop within an "Eavesdrop."
Strangely enough, this song always reminds me that my voice has changed since the last album. I have my son to thank for that, truly. When I was first pregnant and performing on the road, I thought something was wrong with my voice. I was having a hard time hitting high notes, while my low notes kept getting deeper and deeper. I did some research with the help of a vocal coach, and learned that hormone levels affect a female singing range. Having a boy, naturally, upped my testosterone levels, making low notes easier to hit and higher notes harder to reach. But the great thing? After having Miles, I regained my high range AND have kept my low range. Pregnancy literally changed the makeup of my vocal cords. There's a different timbre to it now, and I love that I can hear the story of my son in my singing.


This song is our take on an Americana murder ballad. It's dark, prickly, anxious. It was fun writing because we just imagined some dust-bowl scenario, a broke-down town, and a man awaiting being hung for something he did in the name of trying to provide for his family. The woman who loves him is watching him standing there on the gallows.
This song always reminds me of when the melody first came to mind. I was doing my makeup in the tiled bathroom upstairs, with my newborn Miles in a yellow rocking bassinet next to me. I started singing, and turned on the voice memo app on my iPhone so I wouldn't forget it. As I sang, Miles started cooing along with me. Not on pitch, mind you, but I'd move a note, and he'd move a note. I'm never deleting that voice memo. It's become one of my favorites.


That's our Grand Ole Opry song. A new spiritual. It's actually the oldest song written on the album. We wrote it before Barton Hollow came out. Even though we didn't have our own recording of it, we started performing it live and it became a fan favorite. It made sense to finally put it on an album. One of my favorite moments on stage every night was singing the a cappella part together.


We recorded the performance at Fame studio in Muscle Shoals, a place we'd written a few songs before that made it onto Barton Hollow. I always felt the musical ghosts in that studio, one of whom was the great Etta James. We're a band that's known for covering songs live in our own way, and we thought it would be fun to take a stab at "Tell Mama." I found out later that where we recorded was the same room she recorded her version. That might explain why I kept getting goosebumps.


We wrote it one week before Barton Hollow, in the mountains of Salt Lake City during our first Sundance Festival. We conjured up a story about a woman who was married to a philandering man. She is begging her man to level with her, and letting him know she can only take so much, a la "it's gonna kill me or it's gonna kill you."


Again, we're the band who loves to do covers. Both John Paul and I have always been huge Smashing Pumpkins fans. Nate mentioned it might be a cool cover, and we actually wound up working it out the same day that we wrote "Oh Henry" up in Salt Lake City for Sundance. It turned into another on-stage staple that people asked for every night. We found out later from his then-manager that Billy dug it.


We wrote this song in a flat in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in full view on a cold night. Tall windows, Victorian furniture, and somehow the atmosphere of all of that seeped into the song. Nate and our friends were there in the room as we wrote, all of us drinking wine together. I also loved getting to try out my flawed French. I wrote what words I knew in French, and then had a Parisian friend named Renata Pepper (yes, that's her real name) look it over later and help me translate. When we recorded the song for the album, I called in a French professor from Vanderbilt named Becky Peterson, who has now become a good friend.


We wrote this song in the studio behind my house in Nashville, on a warm summer day, with the windows and doors open. This song is a sweet lament, of loss and the belief that you'll never be able to love anybody else again. I stumbled across "Letters of Note" on Twitter, and was struck by the title of a letter written by a famous physicist named Richard Feynman: "I love my wife. My wife is dead." A little over a year after her death, he wrote his wife a love letter and sealed it. It was written in 1946, and wasn't opened until after his death in 1988. He ended his note to his long-lost wife with "Please excuse my not mailing this -- but I don't know your new address."
Another aside to this song: While we were recording the song together, John Paul and I could hear crows cawing in the background that I've since named Edgar, Allen and Poe. This recording and performance of the song is the first and only in existence, a work tape recorded simply on my iPhone.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. The One That Got Away - 3.32
2. I Had Me a Girl - 3.45
3. Same Old Same Old - 3.48
4. Dust to Dust - 3.49
5. Eavesdrop - 3.35
6. Devil's Backbone - 2.29
7. From This Valley - 3.33
8. Tell Mama - 3.48
9. Oh Henry - 3.32
10. Disarm - 4.42
11. Sacred Heart - 3.19
12. D'Arline - 3.06

Art-Nr.: 8264
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock; Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 13,90

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Fowler, Damon - devil got his way [2011]
"Fiery soul-blues guitarist" Damon Fowler aus Florida kommt zwei Jahre nach dem großartigen "Sugar shack" mit seinem neuen Album - und es ist wieder ein geradezu brillantes Teil geworden. Baumstarker, überaus authentischer, mit einer gewaltgen Portion natürlichem Southern-Flair und viel Roots-/Americana-/Swamp-Feeling versehener Bluesrock, der dementsprechend nicht nur die Blues-, sondern auch die Southern- und Rootsrock-Gemeinde begeistern wird. Herrliche Grooves! Vor allem Fowler's "creative lap steel work is what sets him apart from the rest of the guitar-slinging pack" urteilt der renommierte amerikanische Musikjournalist Hal Horowitz - und er hat damit absolut recht. Fowler ist ein zwar noch junger, aber jetzt schon mit jeder Menge Awards ausgezeichneter Meister der elektrischen, der Slide- und der Lap Steel-Gitarre, der sowohl eine riesige Fanbase hinter sich als auch die einschlägigen Experten restlos zu begeistern weiss. Selbst Musikerkollegen sind voller Anerkennung. Ein Beleg dafür ist das "Who is who" in der Szene, mit denen der Bursche bereits zusammengearbeitet hat: Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Robin Trower, Gregg Allman, Jimmie Vaughan, Junior Brown, Rick Derringer, Delbert McClinton, Derek Trucks Band, Little Feat, the Radiators und Tinsley Ellis sind nur einige einer langen, langen Liste. Das passt auch alles prima, denn die musikalische Seelenverwandtschuft zu diesen Leuten ist immer wieder spürbar, wie auch zu solchen Kollegen wie beispielsweise John Hiatt, Delta Moon, The Band, North Mississippi Allstars und gar den Goergia Satellites. Aus all dem kocht Fowler ein geradezu magisches Gebräu mit wunderbaren, einen, auch infolge ihres authentischen, natürlichen, rauen, aber ungemein sauber und akzentuiert produzierten Sounds, geradezu begeisternden Songs, bestehend aus "swampy, country-tinged, blues/rock grooves", phantastischen Gitarrenläufen (was für traumhafte Slide-/Lap Steel-Passagen), großartiger Melodik und viel, viel "Seele". Dazu ist er ein aussergeöhnlich guter Songwriter und, auch das ist besonders erwähnenswert, ein exzellenter Sänger. Damon Fowler zieht uns mit einer bestechend starken Vorstellung in seinen Bann. Diese Songs wirken so einfach und unkompliziert, bleiben so klasse hängen und stecken doch voller filigraner Vielseitigkeit. Dieser Mann ist auf dem besten Weg zu einer festen Institution in Sachen Roots-Blues, Swamp-Blues, Country-Blues(rock), Southern-Blues, Rootsrock, Bluesrock, Swamp-Rock, oder wie immer man sein "Ding" auch bezeichnen mag, zu werden. Tolles Album! So kann's weitergehen, Damon...

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1 We've Got a Good Thing - 3:59   
2 Devil Got His Way - 2:48   
3 After the Rain - 5:25   
4 Tight Rope - 3:40   
5 28 Degrees - 3:29   
6 Fruit Stand Lady - 3:15   
7 Cypress In the Pines - 3:37   
8 Don't Call Me - 4:18   
9 Once In Awhile - 3:27   
10 You Go Your Way - 4:39   
11 American Dream - 3:59   
12 Happy Hour - 2:29

Art-Nr.: 7256
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 17,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
We've got a good thing
Devil got his way
After the rain
28 degrees
Fruit stand lady
Once in awhile
American dream

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Guy, Buddy - rhythm & blues [2013]
2 CD-Set! 3 Jahre nach den Grammy-dekorierten "Living proof" veröffentlicht Meistergitarrist und lebende Blues-Legende Buddy Guy sein neues Album, und zwar gleich eine Doppel-CD. Bereits im Vorfeld wird "Rhythm & Blues" als eine weitere, absolute musikalische Sternstunde in der langen Karriere Guy's gefeiert, und die ersten Reviews bestätigen diese Vorschußlorbeeren nachdrücklich. Ein paar der Songs des neuen Werkes hat der Meister mit einigen hochkarätigen Gästen eingespielt, was einmal mehr seine einzigartige Verbindung zwischen Tradition und Moderne offenbart. Mit dabei waren der neue, junge Guitarhero des Blues, Gary Clark jr., Beth Hart, aber auch genrefremde Größen wie Keith Urban, Kid Rock und Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Joe Perry und Brad Whitford. Produziert hat sein langjähriger Weggefährte Tom Hambridge! Der ewig junge Buddy Guy befindet auch mit 76 Jahren noch in der Blüte seiner Karriere. Großartig!

Die offizielle Produktbeschreibung:

Six-time Grammy Award winner and 2012 Kennedy Center Honoree Buddy Guy will release his new studio album Rhythm & Blues. The follow-up to his 2010 Grammy Award winning album Living Proof, this double-disc masterpiece features first time studio collaborations with A-list artists Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Gary Clark, Jr., Beth Hart and Aerosmith members Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Rhythm & Blues will be available for pre-order at all online retailers on June 25th.
Produced by Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter and longtime collaborator Tom Hambridge (Skin Deep, Living Proof), Rhythm & Blues captures the 76 year-young Guy at the peak of his creativity. Replete with heartfelt vocals, straightforward lyrics and mesmerizing guitar licks, Rhythm & Blues not only exemplifies how blues continues to be the foundation of all genres of today's music, it also illustrates why Guy has been influential in the careers of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more.
The Rhythm disc includes rhythm and blues-style blues with deep grooves, such as the Junior Wells' 1960 hit "Messin' With The Kid" featuring Kid Rock, the touching "One Day Away" with Keith Urban, and "What You're Gonna Do About Me," a rousing duet with Beth Hart. Guy rounds out the disc with "Best In Town," "Whiskey Ghost," Guitar Slim's "Well I Done Got Over It" and more.
The Blues disc taps into the genre's rich history with "Meet Me In Chicago," "I Could Die Happy," "Never Gonna Change" and "All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues." Aerosmith's Tyler, Perry and Whitford contribute to the musical lesson with "Evil Twin" while Gary Clark, Jr. joins Guy on "Blues Don t Care."
In a career that spans nearly 50 years with over 50 albums released, the incomparable Buddy Guy recently added the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors and NARM Chairman's Award for Sustained Creative Achievement to his long list of achievements. Guy is the recipient of 30 awards and accolades, including 6 Grammy Awards, 28 Blues Music Awards (formerly W. C. Handy Awards), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, the first annual Great Performer of Illinois Award, a Billboard Music Awards' Century Award for distinguished artistic achievement, the Presidential National Medal of Arts, in addition to being listed as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone.

Hier noch ein begeistertes U.S-Review:

Buddy Guy – Next to Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, his name personifies Chicago blues. Considering he’ll be 77 years old on July 30th, you’d think he’d be ready to sit down and take it easy. His new album is proof that like good whiskey and fine wine he’s just gotten better with age. For Buddy’s birthday he gives us all a gift with Rhythm & Blues, a two disc album filled with some stellar collaborations and which after over 50 albums is probably one of his best releases.
This album is once again produced by the Grammy winning producer Tom Hambridge (Living Proof, 2010). A musician who is criminally unknown for his own blues rock releases. Tom Hambridge plays the drums throughout the album. After that there are two basic all-star sets of musicians. The first consists of David Grissom (guitar), Reese Wynans, (B3), and Michael Rhodes (bass). The second set consists of Rob McNeely (guitar), Kevin McKendree, (B3), and Tommy MacDonald (bass). As if the musicianship wasn’t enough in the above list, Buddy also has the following guest stars; Kid Rock, Gary Clark Jr., Beth Hart, Keith Urban, and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, who all contribute something unique and interesting.
With two discs of quality material to pick from it’s difficult to discuss them all. Suffice to say there isn’t a bad track. So we’ll just discuss the highlights.
Disc 1: “Justifyin’” is the second track and it is a fast rockin’ powerhouse of a track. It’s amazing that Buddy can rip notes off his guitar at that rate at almost 77 years old. “I Go By Feel” slows things down as Buddy explains a conversation with an old blues teacher when he was younger and how the concept that feel is what sets a great musician apart from someone who is technically capable. You can throw all the notes at someone you want but there is that connection with a few simple notes where an artist can express all the emotion of the song. Buddy next teams up with Kid Rock to cover the appropriately named Elmore James tune “Messin’ with the Kid,” which Buddy played guitar on way back in 1965. Kid’s gruff voice actually meshes well with the attitude of the song. Shortly after that we get a cover, “One Day Away,” which was written by one of Buddy’s long time touring guitar players, Scott Holt, who is another artist everyone should check out. Keith Urban lends his country swagger to the song singing about telling someone you love them and the need to seize the day and to not wish one day away. Beth Hart steps up next and let’s everything rip on the spectacular track “What You Gonna Do About Me” as she trades lyrics with Buddy, proving once again why she is one of the powerhouse female vocalists of this generation.
Disc 2: The second disc starts out with a tribute to Buddy’s hometown with “Meet Me In Chicago.” Buddy lists the highlights of his hometown, like deep dish pizza, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, Wabash Avenue, and in Buddy’s typical humble style he of course lists Buddy Guy playing the blues, which is reason enough to come to Chicago. “Evil Twin” brings the members of Aerosmith in for a straight up blues anthem. “All That Makes Me Happy is the Blues” is slow blues that is all about exactly what the song title says it is. Blues is known for being a genre of music about sadness, but it’s not meant to be sad. It’s really meant to be an uplifting release of all of our problems. The final track that stands out on here is collaboration with Gary Clark Jr. on the rollicking “Blues Don’t Care.”
Buddy will always be one of the legends of the blues. He has always blurred the lines between blues and rock and roll. Filled with his signature tone and that Buddy Guy attitude, Rhythm & Blues just continues to cement his legacy as one of the greatest guitar players.
(Kevin O’Rourke/Blues Rock Review)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

Disc 1
1. Best in Town
2. Justifyin'
3. I Go by Feel
4. Messin' with the Kid (featuring Kid Rock)
5. What's Up with That Woman
6. One Day Away (featuring Keith Urban)
7. Well I Done Got over It
8. What You Gonna Do About Me (featuring Beth Hart)
9. The Devil's Daughter
10. Whiskey Ghost
11. Rhythm Inner Groove

Disc 2
1. Meet Me in Chicago
2. Too Damn Bad
3. Evil Twin (featuring Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Brad Whitford)
4. I Could Die Happy
5. Never Gonna Change
6. All That Makes Me Happy Is the Blues
7. My Mama Loved Me
8. Blues Don't Care (featuring Gary Clark jr.)
9. I Came Up Hard
10. Poison Ivy

Art-Nr.: 8245
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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Various Artists - volunteer jam XX: a tribute to charlie daniels ~ 2cd-set [2018]
2 CD-Set! Live!! Wow! Was für eine Show! Fantastisches Doppel-Album von der 20. Ausgabe der legendären "Volunteer Jam", die am 7. März 2018 in der Bridgestone Arena von Nashville/TN statt fand. Ein Fest zu Ehren von Charlie Daniels und der Charlie Daniels Band und ein Fest für alle Freunde des Southern Rocks und des southernrockingen Country. Was für ein tolles Line-Up mit tollen Performances. Ein paar Beispiele: Blackberry Smoke spielen "Trudy", Brent Cobb bringt sein "Sweet Louisiana", Countrystar Justin Moore spielt ein herrliches "Simple man", Devon Allman & Duane Betts spielen zusammen mit Chuck Leavell "Blue sky" und "Midnight rider" von The Allman Brothers Band und zum Ende haut die Charlie Daniels Band "Tennessee fiddlin' man" und das legendäre "The devil went down to Georgia" raus - u.s.w., u.s.w.! Eine Hammer-Nacht, festgehalten auf dieser grandiosen Live Doppel-CD!

Hier noch ein Original U.S.-Review:

The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Tennessee was the setting for the Volunteer Jam xx : A Tribute to Charlie Daniels concert March 7, 2018. It was a cold day but the arena was packed early for the 7pm start time for the show.which ran from 7pm til 11pm. Storme Warren was the Host again for this star studded event. First up was southern rockers Blackberry Smoke who did an amazing rendition of Charlie Daniels song ” Trudy”.
Next was The Oak Ridge Boys who got the crowd on their feet. Then came Bobby Bare, Sara Evans, Justin Moore, The Steep Canyon Rangers, Lee Brice, Brent Cobb, Chris Janson, Chuck Levall. Don Was ,Tucker Yocham all made apperances during the night. The crowd again jumped on their feet when Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry Hit the stage and sang ” My Town”. Duane Betts and Devon Allman were next and did a wonderful job. Jamey Johnson did play backup guitar and sing backup with alot of people but he did get to play and sing for the crowd and did the Charlie Daniels classic song ” Long Haired Country Boy” . Then the audience got to take a 15 minute break while they set up for the second half of the show.
Kicking it off after the break was southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd. they had the crowd on their feet going wild. Travis Tritt was next and did a few songs including his song ” Its A Great Day To Be Alive” Chris Young sang next and then Ricky Scaggs.   Allison Krauss was next and was joined on stage by Ricky Scaggs , Jamey Johnson and a few others who “Took Bridgestone to church” as Storme Warren said by singing the gospel song “Blessed Assurance”.
Allison sounds just like an angel. It was a very moving part of the show . Following her was Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Who got the crowd on their feet . Billy also sang a song just for Charlie a Merle Haggard tune along with some ZZ Top songs. Country Icons Alabama was up next and the crowd loved them singing along with singer Randy Owens . Then at the end of their set confetti flew all over the stage and crowd making it a wonderful moment. Then Charlie Daniels and the boys hit the stage next! Comedian Ron White , was in the audience along with Randy Travis, Glen Campbell’s wife and son Travis. and Glens son Travis(along with others) presented Charlie with the Tennessee National Guard Minute Man Award.
Now it would not been called the Volunteer Jam without a Big Jam at the end of the show! which was Awesome! Charlie was joined on stage by lots of his friends and he was grinning from ear to ear! everyone had a great time. (Angela Richardson-Newman / Music Matters Magazine)

Die komplette Setlist:

Disc 1:
1. Trudy - by Blackberry Smoke - 4:45
2. Brand New Star - by Oak Ridge Boys - 2:40
3. Sweet Louisiana - by Brent Cobb - 4:33
4. Evangeline - by Sara Evans - 3:34
5. Simple Man - by Justin Moore - 3:18
6. (What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks - by Chris Janson - 4:21
7. Texas - by The Steep Canyon Rangers - 3:40
8. My Town - by Eddie Montgomery - 5:09
9. The Legend Of Wooley Swamp - by Lee Brice - 4:35
10. Blue Sky - by Devon Allman & Duane Betts & Chuck Leavell - 5:29
11. Midnight Rider - by Devon Allman & Duane Betts & Chuck Leavell - 4:34

Disc 2:
1. Sweet Home Alabama - by Lynyrd Skynyrd - 6:17
2. Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde - by Travis Tritt - 4:16
3. Its A Great Day To Be Alive - by Travis Tritt - 4:13
4. Drinkin My Baby Goodbye - by Chris Young - 3:45
5. We Had It All One Time - by Ricky Skaggs - 4:39
6. La Grange - by Billy F Gibbons - 5:25
7. The South's Gonna Do It Again - by Alabama - 3:40
8. Mountain Music - by Alabama - 4:35
9. Tennessee Fiddlin' Man - by Charlie Daniels & The Charlie Daniels Band - 4:09
10. The Devil Went Down To Georgia - by Charlie Daniels & The Charlie Daniels Band - 4:57
11. One Way Out - by Steep Canyon Rangers & Devon Allman & Blackberry Smoke & Oak Ridge Boys & Charlie Daniels & The Charlie Daniels Band & Alabama & Duane Betts & Billy F Gibbons - 9:29

Art-Nr.: 9719
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock; Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 17,90

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Ward, Josh - more than I deserve [2018]
Es ist eine Seltenheit in heutigen Zeiten, solch authentische Alben lupenreiner Countrymusic zu hören, wie die dieses großartigen Texaners Josh Ward. Auch mit seinem vierten Werk "More than I deserve" setzt er, unabhängig von jeglichen Trends des "Pop-Country", wie sie in Nashville an der Tagesordnung sind, konsequent seine Mission fort, unverfälschte, reine Countrymusic im Sinne solcher Größen wie George Jones, Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley und Waylon Jennings, oder auch Mark Chesnutt und Tracy Lawrence zu spielen. Das Ergebnis sind wunderbare Countrysongs und Honky Tonker in Reinkultur. Großartig, dass es solche Leute gibt, die abseits des großen Mainstream Trubels in Nashville, die Fahnen "ehrlicher" Countrymusic hoch halten. Gratulation dafür an Josh Ward. Klasse!

Hier ein Original U.S.-Review dieses Albums:

Josh Ward hits it out of the park with his fourth highly anticipated release, More Than I Deserve, where rich, traditional ballads mix with honky-tonkers and heartbreakers, blending together seamlessly for a solid effort from the Houston native.
The lead single "All About Lovin'" kicks off the album and sets the tone for the remainder of the collection. "Ain't It Baby," a mid-tempo standout, with the best feel good vibes of the year, channels the feeling of warm nights with the windows down, "That's a once in a lifetime sky...shining down on us tonight..." Meanwhile, "Say Hello To Goodbye" is a lush, piano driven tune featuring soaring vocals from Ward, "...Yeah I'd like to introduce you to lonesome days and lonely nights...I guess you'll have to get used to all those tears in your eyes...say hello to goodbye..."
Picking it up a few notches, honky-tonk takes over on "Home Away From Home," "Another Heartache," and "Loving Right" with all feeling like they could've been recorded in the heyday of 80's and 90's country, missed on today's radio. While there are the rollicking tunes, the ballads are where Ward really shines. On "The Devil Don't Scare Me Anymore," Ward's voice flies high above the searing lyrics "...Ten years later wondering how I got here, where neon burns and they sell cold beer...Heaven seems so far away..." It's the most moving song in the set and Ward's emotional delivery brings the subject home.
Other standouts are "A Cowboy Can," "God Made A Woman," destined to be a Texas dance floor classic, and the title track, a touching waltz surrounded by gorgeous pedal steel and heartbreaking lyrics "...I know I could change her mind....make her stay....but then again, I know it's too late..." A heavy way to close out but listeners can feel hope in the song's message, since we all truly have a lot to be thankful for.
There is a song for everyone on this release; whether it's a honky tonk weeper or a tender love ballad, Ward has listeners covered. Instant radio classics like "Ain't It Baby" and deeper cuts like the title track make this perhaps his best album yet.
(Kelli / The Daily Country)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. All About Lovin' - 2:58
2. Ain't It Baby - 3:40
3. Say Hello to Goodbye - 3:29
4. Home Away From Home - 2:56
5. The Devil Don't Scare Me - 4:18
6. A Cowboy Can - 3:36
7. Another Heartache - 3:44
8. God Made a Woman - 3:11
9. Loving Right - 2:52
10. One More Shot of Whiskey - 3:58
11. More Than I Deserved - 3:17

Art-Nr.: 9661
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Williams, Lucinda - good souls better angels [2020]
Es ist einfach faszinierend. Was soll man über das Charisma und die herausragenden musikalischen Fähigkeiten der unwiderstehlichen "Göttin des Americana" noch berichten? In mehr oder minder regelmäßigen Abständen kreierte die 3-fache Grammy-Gewinnerin in den letzten Jahren ein Meisterwerk nach dem nächsten. Die Kritiker, Fachleute und Fans liegen ihr zu Füßen und man fragt sich unweigerlich: "Wo hat diese Künstlerin ihre Grenzen?" Sie kennt offenbar keine! Ihre herausragende Klasse, ihre Einzigartigkeit, ihre geradezu unerschöpfliche Kreativität, ihr Hunger, ihre Inspiration, ihr Spirit, ihr überragendes Songwriting, ihre imposante künstlerische Qualität steigern sich, auch wenn man das kaum für möglich hält, nach wie vor exponentiell. Ihr innerer Antrieb, sich musikalisch dem Ruf ihres Herzen und ihrer Selle entsprechend zu verwirklichen, scheint endlos zu sein. Ihr neues, gendioses Werk "Good souls better angels" demonstriert das auf beeindruckendste Art ubd Weise. Es ist ein sehr persönliches, intimes, dabei überaus intensives, zuweilen düsteres Album über Depression, aber auch Hoffnung geworden, natürlich auch bezogen auf die aktuellen politischen Zustände in Amerika. Mit alle Wucht entladen sich die Gefühle der Protagonistin in dem überragende Songmaterial, angesiedelt ziwschen Roots, Americana, Alternate Country, Blues und Rock. Rau, dreckig, völlig ungeschliffen, je nach Thematik mal laut und schroff, dann mal wieder etwas ruhiger und sehr viel harmonischer, und voller hemmungsloser, natürlicher Spielfreude zaubern sie und ihre bärenstark agierende Live-Band "Buick 6" (das sind Stuart Mathis - guitars & violin, David Sutton - bass und Butch Norton - drums) ein "Monster" von einem Albm aus dem Hut, ohne jede Schwachstelle. Das Material, überwiegend live aufgenommen in Nashville, in dem Studio von Ray Kennedy (Kennedy, seinerzeit auch involviert bei Williams' legendären Werk "Car wheels on a gravel road" hat "Good souls better angels" zusammen mit Williams und ihrem Ehemann Tom Overby produziert), ist sehr Gitarren-orientiert. Stuart Mathis macht einen überragenden Job, brilliert mit packenden, variablen Licks, tollen Sounds und herrlich dreckigen Soli, ja spielt einfach mitreißend. Die Gegensätze auf dem Album sind absolut faszinierend. Da haben wir auf der einen Seite zum Beispiel solch einen schwerblütigen, stampfenden und aufwühlenden, dreckigen, sumpfigen Bluesrocker, wie das mit packenden Gitarren inszenierte "Big rotator" - rau wie Stacheldraht, dem direkt danach, das ungemein harmonische, traumhaft melodische und schöne, mit hinreißenden Lead Gitarren-Linien von Stuart Mathis veredelte und einem wunderbaren Gram Parsons Countryrock-Feeling versehene, über 7 1/2-minütige "Good souls" folgt. Fantastisch! Zu den weitern Rockern gehören etwa der ein wenig im Sixties Retro-Sound ala Blue Cheer kommende, gut Gas gebende, bluesige Opener "You can't rule me", der schroffe, von wildem Drumming und glühender Slide geprägte Kracher "Down past the bottom", das gar ein wenig punkig wirkende "Bone of contention", und das zunächst sehr harmonisch und Alternate Country-mässig beginnende, dann aber in einer wilden Gitarrenorigie endende "Man without a soul", während zu den gediegeneren Tracks solche Stücke wie der herrlich erdige, klasse ins Ohr gehende Rootsrocker "Big black train", und die abermals umwerfend melodische, von wohliger Orgel untermalte und mit einem begnadeten Slideguitar-Solo von Mathis versehene Americana-Nummer "Shadows & doubts". Insgesamt gesehen hat man Lucinda selten rockiger gehört. Am Ende stehen 12 bewegende, aufsehenerregende Nummern mit knapp 60 Minuten Spielzeit, die einmal mehr Lucinda Williams' Ausnahmestellung in der Rootsrock- und Americana-Szene unterstreichen. "Good soul better angels" ist das nächste Meisterwerk einer ganz großen Künstlerin.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. You Can't Rule Me - 4:01
2. Bad News Blues - 4:36
3. Man Without a Soul - 5:31
4. Big Black Train - 5:27
5. Wakin' Up - 4:44
6. Pray the Devil Back to Hell - 5:37
7. Shadows & Doubts - 6:00
8. When the Way Gets Dark - 3:26
9. Bone of Contention - 4:04
10. Down Past the Bottom - 3:21
11. Big Rotator - 5:19
12. Good Souls - 7:35

Art-Nr.: 10044
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
You can't rule me
Man without a soul
Big black train
Shadows & doubts
Down past the bottom
Big rotator
Good souls

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Williams, Lucinda - you are cordially invited - a tribute to the rolling stones [2022]
Lu's jukebox Vol. 6: You are cordially invited... - A tribute to The Rolling Stones!

"Lu's jukebox" ist eine virtuelle Reihe von insgesamt 6 Benefiz-Konzerten zugunsten unabhängiger Musik-Clubs und -Promoter, die Lucinda Williams in den letzten gut zwei Monaten des Jahres 2020 ins Leben rief und live mit ihrer herausragenden Band, ohne Publikum, in Ray Kennedy's "Room and Board"-Studios in Nashville/TN einspielte. Damit unterstützt die Americana-Ikone nicht nur die durch die Corona-Pandemie finanziell arg geplagten Locations, sondern bringt gleichzeitig für Ihre Fans und die Musikwelt eine grandiose, höchst interessante, exklusive, themenorientierte Konzertreihe auf den Weg, die ihresgleichen sucht. 6 Konzerte, 6 verschiedene Mottos, ausschließlich neu eingespielte, unveröffentlichte Tracks, bis auf ganz wenige Ausnahmen Coverversionen. Lucinda sagt dazu: "We’ve actually wanted to do a cover series for a long time now, but never had the time with my touring schedule", und ergänzt "My hope for this project is that we’ll be able to help as many venues as we can. They’re our homes, as artists. We have to take care of them, for the sake of live music to come". Was für eine fantastische Sache, was für ein Fest!

Mit dem 6. und letzten Teil der großartigen "Lu's jukebox"-Reihe, betitelt "You are cordially invited... - A tribute to The Rolling Stones", jetzt endlich auch auf CD erhältlich, nimmt uns Lucinda mit auf eine herrliche Reise in das schier unendliche Repertoire einer der größten und einflußreichsten Rock'n Roll Bands der letzte 6 Dekaden. Egal, welches Genre der Rockmusik, des Blues, des Americana und Rootsrocks, und sogar des Country, man auch heranzieht, die Rolling Stones um Mick Jagger und Keith Richards haben überall ihre tiefen Spuren und Inspiratoonen hinterlassen, so natürlich auch bei Lucinda Williams. 16 fantastische Songs der Stones aus der Zeit zwischen 1965 und 1974 hat sich "Lu" ausgesucht, um diese mit ihren ganz eigenen, packenden, vitalen Versionen zu neuem Leben zu erwecken. Dabei gelingt es ihr und ihrer herausragenden Band (Stuart Mathis - guitars, Joshua Grange - guitars, Stephen Mackey - bass, Fred Eltringham - drums) in vorzüglicher Art und Weise, ähnlich wie beim Tom Petty-Tribute, einerseits den Spirit und die Authentizität der Originale auf natürlichste Art und Weise zu bewahren, dem Material auf der anderen Seite aber auch ihr typisches, raues, eigenes Williams'sches Profil zu verpassen, so wie wir es auch schon bei Lucinda's bärenstarkem, aktuellem "Good souls better angels"-Album erleben durften. Hier, bei diesem Stones-Tribute, trifft dies sogar noch mehr zu, als bei allen vorigen Teilen der Reihe, denn Lucinda und ihre Band interpretieren die Stones-Klassiker teilweise völlig anders als die Originale, machen sie zu ihren eigenen Stücken, ohne das der Wiedererkennungswert auf der Strecke bleibt. Intensiv, rau, dreckig, ungeschliffen, rotzig, aber auch emotional, voller Herzblut, erfrischend, zeitgemäß und einfach wunderschön entladen sich die Gefühle der Protagonistin in den überragenden, überwiegend von einem baumstarken, vielschichtigen Gitarrengewand umgebenen Songs. Es gibt nicht den Hauch einer Schwachstelle. Erstklassig produziert haben dieses Live-Event Ray Kennedy und Lucinda Williams' Gatte Tom Overby. Man kann Lucinda Williams und allen Beteiligten gar nicht oft genug zu dieser wunderbaren Idee und der herausragenden Umsetzung der Konzertreihe gratulieren. Dieser abschließende, sechste Teil ist vielleicht der absolute Höhepunkt der Reihe. Lucinda Williams plays The Rolling Stones. Überragend!

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Street Fighting Man - 3:49
2. The Last Time - 4:26
3. Get off of My Cloud - 3:55
4. Paint It Black - 4:54
5. Play with Fire - 3:16
6. No Expectations - 4:47
7. Dead Flowers - 4:32
8. Salt of the Earth - 6:15
9. You Gotta Move - 2:49
10. Moonlight Mile - 6:27
11. Time Waits for No One - 4:50
12. Sway - 4:04
13. Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) - 4:03
14. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - 4:38
15. Sympathy for the Devil - 6:57
16. You Can't Always Get What You Want - 6:46

Art-Nr.: 10464
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 13,90

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