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McEntire, Reba - stronger than the truth [2019]
Traditional Country-Superstar Reba McEntire veröffentlicht mit "Stronger Than The Truth" ihr 29. Studioalbum. Es ist so etwas wie die Rückkehr zu ihren absoluten Roots. Ein klassisches Reba-Album auf höchstem Niveau. Ein amerikanischer Fan schreibt begeistert in einer Rezension: "Could it be that 40 plus years into her career, she may have just delivered her finest album to date?" Ja, so etwas scheint möglich zu sein, denn in der Tat muß man dieses Werk zu den Besten ihrer gesamten, unglaublichen Karriere zählen. Die 12 neuen Songs sind ein stilistischer Streifzug durch alles, was Reba bei ihren Fans so beliebt gemacht hat. Countrymusic pur - unvergänglich und zeitlos.

Hier noch ein Original U.S.-Review:

The beauty of Reba McEntire's albums flows from her way with a phrase, knowing when to modulate to carry us deeper into sadness or joy and when to pull back when she wants us to listen quietly to the lessons of a tear falling. Her songs can also urge us to scamper across the dance floor to twin fiddles, celebrating the exhilarating freedom of the moment or the satisfaction of breakup from a messy relationship. This album follows the end of McEntire's marriage to her manager.
"Stronger Than the Truth" opens with one of those skitter-across-the-floor tunes, a Western Swing number fueled by twin fiddles, dance hall piano, rockabilly guitar and scampering steel. "Swing All Night with You" features the singer out for night of two-stepping following a breakup; when she meets up a dance partner who's in the same situation, she jauntily declares: "Let's let those doggone bygones be long gone/And we'll find a new song to two-step to/If you wanna take another swing at love/Baby, I'll swing all night long with you."
On the title track, McEntire pulls at our hearts with her tale of a breakup she never saw coming; the song opens quietly with a reflection on the expectation of a modest life together: "I never dreamed of wanting more/Than a small town simple life/A little money in our pockets/You're my husband, I'm your wife." As the song builds to a climax she discovers her husband's infidelity - "Standing in the grocery line/I overheard my name and yours/And one I did not recognize" - and she describes her awakening as her vocals soar in the chorus. The lyrics in McEntire's songs play with words and carry us places we never expect: "There's not a blade sharper than a lie/There's not a low as being the last one to know/You've got a brand new start with someone new/And there's no whiskey stronger than the truth."
The breakup ballad "Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain" opens sparely with piano notes before it swells with McEntire's vocals and aching pedal steel; she confirms the depth of her pain by name-checking the titles of Wynette's songs in the chorus: "Standing by your man, that's a broken plan/So it's d-i-v-o-r-c-e." In the heart-rending "The Bar's Getting Lower," the singer's words of sadness and brokenness float over a flowing river of steel guitar: "She was hoping for pink champagne, but she'll settle for well whiskey/Saw herself in a long white gown, not downtown getting tipsy/And that one night stand walking through the door/Ain't the marrying kind, yeah, that's for sure
But she's getting older/And the bar's getting lower."
"Stronger Than the Truth" is Reba at her very best. Every song reveals her enduring power as a vocalist, her way with the songs she delivers to us, and her ability to wring every emotion from us, touching our hearts with her own honest, heartfelt emotions.
(Henry L. Carrigan Jr. / Country Standard Time)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Swing All Night Long With You - 4:43
2. Stronger Than The Truth - 4:10
3. Storm In A Shot Glass - 3:02
4. Tammy Wynette Kind Of Pain - 3:58
5. Cactus In A Coffee Can - 4:28
6. Your Heart - 3:58
7. The Clown - 5:07
8. No U In Oklahoma - 3:08
9. The Bar’s Getting Lower - 3:28
10. In His Mind - 3:33
11. Freedom - 3:50
12. You Never Gave Up On Me - 3:59

Art-Nr.: 9785
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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Roberts, Julie - alive [2011]
Sie hat sich eine lange Auszeit genommen, doch jetzt ist sie wieder da. Die genauso bezaubernde wie talentierte Julie Roberts (viele werden sich noch an ihr tolles Debut von 2004 und das ebeso starke "Men & Mascara" aus dem Jahre 2006 erinnern) hat zwar inzwischen keinen Major-Deal mehr, aber das schadet ihr überhaupt nicht. Im Gegnteil! Frei von allen Zwängen, aufgenommen mit jeder Menge großartiger Begleitmusiker aus der 1A-Garde Nashville's, geliingt Julie mit "Alive" ein ganz hervorragendes, kraftvolles, frisches, neues Album, von dem sie sagt, dass es genau das beeinhaltet, was sie auch machen wollte. Niemand hat ihr in irgendeiner Weise dazwischen gefunkt. "This is the real Julie Roberts"! Die Musik, mit der sie ihre immer noch zahlreichen Fans und die, die es noch werden wollen, beglückt, ist absolut zeitgemässer, ungemein lebendiger New Country mit einer sehr ausgewogenen Balance zwischen knackigen, powernden Uptempo-Stücken, gepflegtem Midtempo-Country und ein paar feinen Balladen. Jawohl, dem Titel ihres großartigen, neuen Albums folgend, kann man ohne jeden Zewifel bestätigen: Julie Roberts ist "alive" - und zwar in vollster Blüte!

Hier im Original-Wortland Julie's Statements zu jedem einzelnen Song des Albums:

“Mama Said Don’t”
I always put at least one song on my albums for my Mama. This song is a fun one I wrote with Rachel Proctor & Victoria Banks. It has that rootsy, bluesy, down-home feel to it that I love to perform live! I think everyone can relate to these lyrics!!

I wrote this one with Don Schlitz just a few months before my album was finished. This song is the centerpiece for my entire record. It describes the road I have been on and the emotions I have felt during the 5 years since my last album was released. This is definitely a reflection into my life and into my faith of knowing that no matter how tough the road might appear to be, God never leaves my side and He makes me “Stronger”.

I heard this song about a year ago and I immediately thought “this sounds like part two to ‘Break Down Here’”. I knew I wanted to record it because I could see the story unfolding in my head of this visual lyric. I also knew I loved the title, “Alive”. I want my fans to know that I am still here! I am ‘alive’ and still making music. I’ve had a few stumbling blocks and a few years have gone by, but I’m back!

“You Got Me”
I heard and loved this song years ago and just held on to it like I do so many songs. I love that you really don’t have to think about these lyrics. It’s just a fun, happy, love song!!

“Yesterday’s Blue”
When I got together with Chris Roberts & Greg Biek to write this song, I told them I wanted to write a classic sounding song with attitude. I love the very last verse the most in this song because I almost sing what I’m sure so many people think sometimes when the one that they love leaves them. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you hear it!

“Aint No Thing”
This is another one of those songs I’ve held onto since the last record. I just LOVE the track and the lyrics in this one. I love to sing about real life stuff and I sing things I am not always so brave to say. I wish I could’ve told some of he guys that have left me “you know what, it aint no thang.” But, since I can’t say it, I’ll sing it!! ☺

“One For the Road”
Here’s another one that I probably wouldn’t say to someone in real life but have definitely lived. I love how blunt & straight-forward the lyric is. I like looking for and recording songs that I think would scare some people to sing…I AINT SKEERD, especially if it’s REAL to me!

“Let’s Fight”
I wrote this one with Jason Collum & Caitlin Smith. This one was the most fun to record because it was SO simple and just cool to me. I would actually love to make a record where all the tracks sound very similar to this one. I was inspired to write this one from a scene in one of my favorite movies, “Sweet Dreams” (the story of Patsy Cline).

“Whiskey and You”
I can see the video for this one in my head. I have loved this song for a really long time. I have known some people similar to the character singing in this song and I’ve seen how alcoholism can tear up a family/relationship. This song and lyric are so real to me. It’s such a sad song and the steel guitar makes it that much more sad. The sadder, the better for me!!

“Somebody Does”
I wrote this one long before the Nashville Flood in May 2010, but pulled it back out after we lost our home and I saw all of the people coming from everywhere to help my family. It took on an entirely different meaning for me when I listened to it then. I dedicate this one to everyone that reached out to help rebuild Nashville.

“Carolina From My Soul”
Marcus Hummon wrote and produced this track for my album. I’m from Lancaster, SC & this is a song about the feeling of comfort I get when I think about my life back there. When I sing this song, I see myself as I young girl in SC dreaming of singing country music. I always know that no matter where my music takes me in this world, Carolina will always be my home and in my soul.

“NASCAR Party”
I grew up watching NASCAR racing on television and going to dirt-track races so this is my tribute to the sport. When I wrote this song, I pictured myself and other NASCAR fans at the track and tried to put into words (in 2.5 minutes), how much fun it is to be there at the races. I had a blast writing, recording, and filming the video for it!

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Mama Said Don't - 3:09
2. Stronger - 4:24
3. Alive - 3:51
4. You Got Me - 2:29
5. Yesterday's Blue - 2:53
6. Ain't No Thing - 3:41
7. One For the Road - 3:29
8. Let's Fight - 3:23
9. Whiskey and You - 3:50
10. Somebody Does - 3:25
11. Carolina From My Soul - 3:41
12. Nascar Party - 2:43

Art-Nr.: 7799
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Mama said don't
You got me
Ain't no thing
One for the road
Whiskey and you
Nascar party

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