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Blackberry Smoke - like an arrow [2016]
Blackberry Smoke trumpfen wieder ganz groß auf! Das neue Album von Atlanta's Vorzeige Southern Rock-Truppe, "Like an arrow", knüpft, nachdem man sich mit dem wirklich nicht schlechten, aber für das Potential dieser Band eher durchschnittlichen Vorgängerwerk "Holding all the roses" eine kleine schöpferische Pause gegönnt hatte, wieder nahtlos an die Großtaten von "The whippoorwill" und "Little piece of dixie" an. Großartige, Gitarren-orientierte, zuweilen leicht Countryrock-eingefärbte Southern Rock-Mugge mit allen Zutaten, was das Genre-Herz begehrt. Gast bei der herrlichen, Slideguitar-getränkten Ballade "Free on the wing" ist Gregg Allman. Blackberry Smoke untermauern ihren Status als eine der führenden Bands der jungen Southern Rook-Bewegung erneut sehr eindrucksvoll. Baumstarke Vorstellung!

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Waiting for the Thunder - 4:07
2. Let It Burn - 2:56
3. The Good Life - 3:59
4. What Comes Naturally - 4:21
5. Running Through Time - 4:44
6. Like an Arrow - 4:24
7. Ought to Know - 4:16
8. Sunrise in Texas - 4:36
9. Ain't Gonna Wait - 3:38
10. Workin' for a Workin' Man - 2:59
11. Believe You Me - 2:59
12. Free On the Wing (feat. Gregg Allman) - 5:48

Art-Nr.: 9303
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 9,90

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Brooks, Kix - new to this town [2012]
Brooks & Dunn sind Geschichte, doch nach Ronnie Dunn kommt nun auch die andere Häfte des erfolgreichsten Country-Duos aller Zeiten mit einem Solo-Album! "New to this town" heisst das hervorragend gelungene Werk, mit dem Kix Brooks eindrucksvoll offenbart, was er auch ohne seinen kongenialen Partner in der Lage zu leisten ist. 12 starke Nummern, zumeist sehr kraftvoll und knackig in Szene gesetzt (der Balladen-Anteil ist klar in der Minderzahl), zwischen traditionellen Anlagen und sehr abwechslungsreichem, zuweilen durchaus rockigem New Country. Gast, Slide-Gitarrist und Duett-Partner beim Titelstück ust übrigens Joe Walsh (The Eagles). Die Musik passt durchaus zur Philosophie, die auch Brooks & Dunn verkörperten, hat aber auch ihren eigenen Pep. Die Melodien sind prima! Gratulation an Kix Brooks zu diesem großartigen Album!

Wen es interessiert: Hier im Original eine sehr ausführliche, aktuelle Biographie mit der Geschichte zum neuen Album im Original-Wortlaut:

"Wish I was new to this town
Just pullin’ in checking it out for the first time”
— “New to This Town” by Kix Brooks, Marv Green and Terry McBride

It’s been more than 30 years since Kix Brooks was new to the town that he made his home, where he married, raised two children and built an accomplished career as a songwriter, singer and half of the most successful duo in country music history, a weekly national radio show host, magazine columnist, film producer, actor, winery owner and active and influential member of the music industry and community at large.

And yet here he is, picking up where he started when he really was new to this town, when his very first solo single in 1983 lumbered up the country chart to #73 before being hijacked by gravity into oblivion.

“New to This Town” is the title cut from the album that he hopes will reintroduce him to music fans, not exactly as a brand new man—to borrow a phrase from a song he co-wrote many moons ago—but as his own man, with his own songs to sing and his own unique story to tell.
Though the song is about a romantic relationship, metaphorically it suggests another interpretation. “When you’re starting out, there’s so much fear that if you screw up or put out the wrong record, you’ve lost that chance to live your dream. At this point in my career, there’s a different kind of uncertainty and risk that the people who have seen me perform for 20 years as half of Brooks & Dunn won’t be able to see me as anything but that. So in that sense, being new to town would be good to be able to do again.”

Kix Brooks’ career as a musician began long before he came to Nashville, which is less than 100 miles from where the Louisiana native was shipped off for high school at Tennessee’s Sewanee Military Academy. “I wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t good,” he confesses with a smile. “The discipline was good for me. It gave me structure and problem-solving skills, which are really helpful for creative people.”

Brooks grew up in a musical family, had his first guitar before he hit his teens, and while in Sewanee, he began playing coffee houses with his roommate, Nashville native Jody Williams. “Jody turned me on to the Opry,” expanding the range of country music that Brooks already loved. “I was a fan of bluegrass, rock and outlaw country, people like Willie, Cash and Roger Miller. I loved the Allman Brothers, Leon Russell, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Asleep at the Wheel, Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker. ”
After graduation, he went to Louisiana Tech, gaining a foundational education in reading music and the theory of composition while getting hands-on experience playing clubs around town. Realizing that he wasn’t cut out to be in the marching band, school choir, or orchestra—which were required for a music degree—he switched his major to speech and got into theater, both of which would later serve him well.

A brief sabbatical from school led him to Alaska in 1976, working for his dad, a pipeline contractor. The job was great seed money, he recalls, “So when I got home, I bought a new car, a new guitar, a bottle of whiskey, and I was ready to get back at it.

“I had a band and I did some solo stuff. I could bang on a guitar and open up for just about anybody playing clubs in Shreveport. My plan was to be somebody.”
But an invitation from his sister put “Plan A” on hold. “She called me out of the blue and asked if I would come to Maine and help her with a television production company. So I was doing radio and television production, commercials, and it was a great experience. But I was also playing clubs and was still drawn to that. I enjoyed advertising, I enjoyed Maine. But in my heart of hearts, I just wanted to play music.”

So he took off again for Louisiana but stopped in Nashville to visit with his old roommate Jody Williams. “We stayed up all night talking and playing music, and Jody tried to talk me into staying. He said I could make a living writing songs. I said, ‘A, you’re nuts, and B, I’m going to New Orleans to play music.’”
But as fun as it was, the pace—and the partying—began to take a toll. “I called Jody up and said, ‘Do you really think I could make a living writing songs?’ and he said, ‘Get your ass up here!’”

True to his word, Williams gave Brooks a place to crash and found him a job with a concert production company while arranging meetings for him with music publishers around town.

“Everybody was really nice for about half a song, and then I wrote some more songs and called them back, and everyone was always out to lunch. So I started breaking songs down and figuring out what these guys were doing, which doesn’t mean you can do it, but at least I did my homework and really started working harder at trying to figure out how to do it. I realized it was one thing to make people smile in bars and another thing to make a living as a songwriter in Nashville.”
His hard work paid off, and less than two years after pulling into town, Brooks had a publishing deal and a #1 cut. Some things didn’t pan out, like his first album in 1983 on a label that went defunct before the album was released and a 1989 album on Capitol that went nowhere fast.
But he was making a living—a good living—writing songs for Tree Publishing, where exec Paul Worley took some of his demos to veteran music man Tim DuBois, head of the Arista Nashville record label. DuBois suggested that Brooks write with the winner of a talent competition, a tall, big-voiced Texan named Ronnie Dunn. When DuBois heard their song demos, the rest became Brooks & Dunn history.

In their 20-year ride, the duo recorded 10 studio albums, released 50 singles, scored 23 #1 hits, sold more than 30 million albums, sold out tours from coast to coast and became one of the most awarded acts in country music history.

But in August of 2009, they revealed what had long been a topic between the partners themselves: that after a final tour and a final compilation album, Brooks & Dunn would be no more.

“It was always an arranged marriage that happened to work out really well and produce some great kids. But after 20 amazing, dream-like years, it was time.”
As for the notion of recording a solo album, Brooks took his time—or as much time as realistic for someone who owns a thriving winery, hosts a weekly syndicated radio show, forms a film production company, takes on roles in three movies and writes all but one of the songs for the soundtrack for the western To Kill a Memory, as well as co-writing the soundtrack for a Christmas movie.

“I have a lot of interests, and I wasn’t at that point thinking of what I would do next. I was kind of looking forward to chilling for a year or so. I wanted to take my time. I started writing during the last B&D tour, and when we got done, I kept writing while we were making movies.”
When the time felt right, Brooks approached his album with customary enthusiasm, producing and recording nearly 50 songs before beginning the challenging process of narrowing the field. “There were a few like [the Brooks/Leslie Satcher co-write] ‘Moonshine Road’ that I was sort of building the album around,” he says, “so you try to take the ones that fit the other songs the best, that fit you best, or where the track is just smoking.”

The result is a record that is emphatically and uniquely Kix Brooks—rocking, smoky, swampy and bluesy, with belts of bayou and hits of Cajun zydeco. Nine of the album’s dozen tracks bear Brooks’ name as a co-writer, collaborating with such longtime friends and writing luminaries as Bob DiPiero and David Lee Murphy (on the lyrically clever “Closin’ Time at Home”), Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson (for the mid-tempo musical celebration of “Bring It on Home”), and Marv Green and Terry McBride on “New to This Town,” the title track single that almost didn’t make the album.

“We were kind of done with everything, I had recorded the album, and Jay DeMarcus and I were doing the soundtrack for a Christmas movie over at his house. But I was thinking about that song, so he was nice enough to help me produce it and let me use the pickers while we were working there. He really liked the song, so I said, ‘Let’s do it together.’”

Later, “The engineer from my radio show said, ‘You ought to get some Joe Walsh-sounding slide on that.’ I’m like, ‘Hmm, what if I could get Joe Walsh?’ My manager is partners with Irving Azoff, who sent it to Joe, and he called me up and put the slide on there for me. So that worked out great.”
In a new-to-this-town, full-circle touch, the album also features two songs that Brooks wrote with Rafe Van Hoy. With Deborah Allen, they penned Brooks’ first #1 as a songwriter (John Conlee’s ’83 chart-topper, “I’m Only in It for the Love”), and they pair here on the backsliding fun of “Complete 360” and team with Curly Putman on the groove-and-soul-filled, after-hours portrait of “my baby’s” “Tattoo.”

Now, with his album complete, Brooks is just looking forward to getting it into the hands of fans and resuming the solo career that began long ago when his entire plan “was to be somebody.”

“That fear I had at one point in my career where you’re scared to death to make the wrong move, I don’t feel that way now. But you still really want to do something that is relevant and makes people rock, and look out at a crowd and know you have connected, you’ve hit that nerve. I don’t think you ever get over that.”

(This biography was provided by the artist or their representative.)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. New to this Town - 4:20
2. Moonshine Road - 4:21
3. Bring It On Home - 3:44
4. There's the Sun - 3:05
5. Complete 360 - 3:16
6. My Baby - 2:55
7. Tattoo - 3:25
8. In the Right Place - 3:47
9. Next to That Woman - 3:21
10. Let's Do This Thing - 2:57
11. Closin' Time at Home - 3:37
12. She Knew I Was a Cowboy - 3:22

Art-Nr.: 7907
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 6,90

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Clark, Brandy - 12 stories [2013]
Die amerikanische Countryszene, Kritiker und Fans, preisen sie in den höchsten Tönen - vollkommen zu Recht, wie wir meinen. Brandy Clark besticht mit einem bärenstarken Debut und zählt neben Kacey Musgraves und Ashley Monroe zu den großen Entdeckungen des Jahres 2013 in Nashville, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben, Music City und die Countrywelt in Zeiten, in denen immer mehr Pop- und Rap-Einflüsse die Country-Charts regieren, wieder mit echter, reiner, traditionsbewusster Countrymusic zu beglücken. Herrlich! Tut das gut! Brandy Clark, ursprünglich aus dem kleinen Nest Morton im US-Bundesstaat Washington stammend, ging vor über 15 Jahren nach Nashville, um, ihrer Liebe zur Countrymusic folgend, dort ihr Glück zu versuchen. Und tatsächlich machte sie ihren Weg. Sie zählt heute zu den angesagtesten Songwriterinnen des Genres und hat auf diesem Gebiet für den Song "Mama's broken heart", den sie gemeinsam mit Shane McAnally komponiert hat (Miranda Lambert machte ihn zu einem Nr. 1-Hit), gerade ihre erste Grammy-Nominierung erhalten. Weitere, große Hits mit Songs von Brandy Clark erzielten beispielsweise Kacey Muusgraves ("Follow your arrow"), The Band Perry ("Better dig two"), Darius Rucker ("Love without you"), Sheryl Crow ("Homecomin queen"), Reba McEntire (das auch hier enthaltene "The day she got divorced") und viele, viele mehr. Nun tritt sie selbst als Interpretin in den Vordergrund und liefert mit ihrem Debut "12 stories" eine wahre "Perle" von einem Countryalbum hat. Sie verfügt über eine hinreissend schöne, klare, reine Stimme und spielt unverfälschte, völlig lupenreine, entspannte Countrymusic, leicht rootsig und mit einem Hauch von Americana, völlig Pop-frei, durch und durch natürlich und auf der Höhe der Zeit. Frei von pompösem Glamour ist diese Art von Musik geradezu ein Segen für Nashville. Die 12 Songs (Geschichten) bestechen mit kargen, aber sehr emotionalen, großartigen Texten und wundervollen Melodien. Alles klingt sehr wohltuend, angenehm unaufgeregt, voller spürbarer Wärme und Harmonie, zumeist ungemein zielorientiert, ohne großen Schnickschnak, auf den Punkt genau instrumentiert. Akustische Gitarren, hin und wieder auch nicht allzu stark im Vordergrund eingesetzte E-Gitarren, Klavier, Fiddle, Mandoline, Dobro, feinste Pedal Steel, lässiges Schlagzeug und schön flüssige Strukturen bestimmen das Geschehen. Jedes Stück macht Brandy mit ihrer außergewöhnlichen Ausstrahlung zu etwas ganz Besonderem. Schon die erste Nummer ist ein absoluter "Hit". "Pray to Jesus" heisst das Stück, eine wunderbar flockige, flüssige, traumhaft melodische, natürliche Countrynummer mit dezenten Old School-Anleihen. Die Instrumentierung aus akustischen Gitarren, Piano und feinen, an die Nitty Gritty Dirt Band erinnernden, klaren Mundharmonika-Fills ist ein Genuß. Das folgende "Crazy woman" ist deutlich rhythmischer, moderner, kraftvoller, dennoch schön "stripped down" in Szene gesetzt. Peppiger acoustic-based New Country, wieder mit feiner Gitarren-, Harp-, und Banjo-Arbeit. Dann das fantastische ""What'll keep me out of heaven" (Background-Gesang: Vince Gill), das ein amerikanischer Kritiker begeistert als den perfekten "cheating song" bezeichnet. Es beginnt mit ein paar simplen, aber sehr effektvollen, herrlichen Klavierakkorden, ehe feinste Acoustic-Gitarren und schmerzvolle Pedal Steel-Linien eine hinreissende Atmosphäre aufkommen lassen. Ganz groß auch das mit unaufdringlicher, aber markanter Dramaturgie inszenierte "Stripes", eine waschechte Country & Western-Nummer voller Honky Tonk-Flair und schönem "Shootout"-Szenario. Es geht um Vergeltung am Liebhaber, den die betrogene Protagonistin mit einer anderen im Bett erwischt hat. "I got a pistol and I got a bullet and an pissed off finger just itchin to pull it", singt sie, doch sie schießt nicht, da sie sich den Knast aufgrund der unmodernen Gefängniskleidung ersparen will und fährt mit entsprechend ironischem Humor fort: "There's no crime of passion worth the crime of fashion, the only thing savin' your life is that I don't look good in orange and I hate stripes". Großartig! Möchte man bezüglich dieses Songs, der mit einer tollen Melodie und starken Baritone E-Gitarren-Klängen in Szene gesetzt ist, einen Vergleich zu anderen aktuellen Kolleginnen herbeiführen, so fallen einem hier Lindi Ortega und die ebenfalls unwiderstehlichen Pistol Annies ein. Herrlich auch die sparsam mit Klaver, feinen Gitarren und schöner Pedal Steel begleitete, traditionelle, Old School-Ballade "In some corner" (wunderbar "schwummriges" Saloon-Flair) und die knackige, mit "grollenden" Orgelklängen untermalte, sowie mit starken E-Gitarren und schönen Akkordeonklängen instrumentierte New Country-Nummer "Hungover". Brandy Clark ist ein absolutes Country-Multitalent. Was sie hier abliefert, ist äusserst beeindruckend. Solch ein Niveau bräuchte man im heutigen Nashville viel öfter. Ohne jeden Zweifel ist "12 stories" eines der besten Countryalben einer weiblichen Interpretin des Jahres 2013. Herausragend!

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Pray to Jesus - 3:22
2. Crazy Women - 3:36
3. What'll Keep Me Out of Heaven - 3:34
4. Get High - 3:31
5. Hold My Hand - 3:36
6. Stripes - 3:16
7. In Some Corner - 3:38
8. Take a Little Pill - 3:30
9. Hungover - 3:56
10. Illegitimate Children - 3:23
11. The Day She Got Divorced - 3:24
12. Just Like Him - 3:31

Art-Nr.: 8425
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Pray to Jesus
Crazy women
What'll keep me out of heaven
In some corner
Take a little pill

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Osborne, Anders - black eye galaxy [2012]
Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars: "Anders Osborne blows my mind. His singing is so great; his guitar playing is so intense. He's my favorite guy out there these days." Der Mann aus New Orleans mit einem neuen, absoluten Meisterwerk! Swamp Rock, Blues, Roots and Psychedelic in einer elektrisierenden Mixtur zwischen elektrischen, rauen Starkstrom-Rockern, lässigen, psychedelischen, aber niemals zu abgedrehten Jammings und hinreissend schönem Roots-/Americana-Songs! Ein Mörder-Teil! Osborne ist ein begnadeter Gitarrist, ein grandioser Songwriter und hervorragender, ausdrucksstarker Sänger. Wie abwechslungsreich das alles ist, wird einem deutlich, wenn man mal die einzelnen Songs durchgeht. Ein paar Beispiele: Der Opener "Send me a freind" ist ein von mächtig hämmerndem Schlagzeug und fetten, dreckigen Gitarrenriffs bestimmter Rock-Kracher, der aus den Lautsprechern wie eine "Swamp-Ausgabe" von Led Zeppelin donnert. Dezente psychedelische Klänge und Osborne's zerrende Lead Gitarre runden das Bild ab. Das ist aufwühlend, laut, bluesig, bleibt aber blendend hängen. Eine "Hammer"-Auftakt! Oder das folgende "Mind of a junkie": Das ist ein hinreissender, sehr jammig wirkender, live mit den fantastischen Gitarren-Hooklines schier endlos ausdehnbarer, dabei immer die Spannung hoch haltender, von einer tollen Melodie durchzogener Roots-/Southern-/Swamp-Rock, der einen nicht merh los lässt. Osborne's Gesang und sein über 3 Minuten währendes Gitarrensolo sind einfach famos. Dann das packende "When will I see you again": Hier hören wir Gitarren-Rootsrock der Extraklasse. Steckt voller dreckigem "Crazy Horse"-Flair. Osborne's glühendes Gitarrensolo mit all den Verzerrungen erinnert durchaus an Neil Young's "rusty" Spiel. Hat wieder eine starke Melodik! Das Titelstück "Black eye galaxy" ist ein weiteres, absoklutes Highlight. Ein grandioser Jamrocker, der während der Gesangsphasen sehr eingängig und melodisch daher kommt, dann aber in ein rund 7-minütiges, wundervolles, sehr psychedelisches, Sixties-mässiges Gitarrenjamming übergeht, angereichert mit tollen Klangkaskaden, dezent jazzig. Wirkt fast wie eine Synthese aus Pink Floyd und Grateful Dead, angesiedelt in New Orleans. Beim traumhaft melodischen, sonnig frischen "Dancing in the wind" hingegen klingt Osborne, auch stimmlich, wie ein Jackson Browne zu seinen allerbesten Zeiten, während beim ruhigen, semi-akustischen, mit schöner Mundharmonika inszenierten "Tracking my roots" wieder Erinnerungen an Neil Young aufkommen, diesmal allerdings zu dessen "Harvest"-Phase. Fazit (wir sagten es bereits): Ein Mörder-Album! Überragend!

Ein Original U.S.-Review:

Between the sheer force and potent lyricism of his guitar playing, the riveting depth of his songwriting and the straight-from-the-soul conviction of his vocals, New Orleans’ Anders Osborne is among the most original and visionary musicians writing and performing today. RELIX says Osborne plays “hard-hitting songs” featuring his “raging, expressive guitar and soulful singing…from scorched-earth rock to sweet, tender ballads.” OFFBEAT magazine recently named Osborne the Crescent City’s Best Guitarist for the second straight year, and also awarded him with the Best Roots Rock Artist title. GUITAR PLAYER called him, “The poet laureate of Louisiana’s fertile roots music scene.”

Recorded at the famed Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, Black Eye Galaxy was produced by Anders along with engineer Warren Riker and Galactic's Stanton Moore. Sounds on the album range from heavy electric mayhem to joyous acoustic melodicism, lyrics move from the darkest depths to the healing power of love. Black Eye Galaxy is a personal record for Osborne, but one with universal themes. The title is an unambiguous metaphor for Osborne's life as a traveler, a musician, an immigrant, a recovering addict, and as a husband and father.

The album is a journey of sorts, following the main character (based on Anders' own life experiences) from the uncontrolled, primal chaos of "Send Me A Friend" to the inner peace of "Higher Ground." The disjointed and brutally honest "Mind Of A Junkie" leads into the warm and hopeful "Lean On Me/Believe In You." The gentle "When Will I See You Again?" finds Anders rebuilding broken relations, while the feral and confrontational "Black Tar" (co-written with Little Feat's Paul Barrere) says farewell to a dark past. The final four songs -- "Tracking My Roots," "Louisiana Gold," "Dancing In The Wind" and "Higher Ground" -- bring an almost ecstatic tranquility after the intense stress and turbulence of the beginning of the album. From ultra-heavy and challenging to sweetly soul-soothing and melodic, Osborne's guitar work, like his vocals, is simply mesmerizing. Black Eye Galaxy is a harrowing but ultimately uplifting cycle of richly detailed songs that are musically and lyrically thought-provoking, exhilarating and completely engaging.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Send Me a Friend - 4:18
2. Mind of a Junkie - 7:29
3. Lean on Me/Believe in You - 4:10
4. When Will I See You Again? - 4:54
5. Black Tar - 4:58
6. Black Eye Galaxy - 11:16
7. Tracking My Roots - 4:03
8. Louisiana Gold - 5:47
9. Dancing in the Wind - 4:40
10. Higher Ground - 3:55

Art-Nr.: 7778
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Send me a friend
Mind of a junkie
When will I see you again?
Black tar
Black eye galaxy
Tracking my roots
Dancing in the wind

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Radiators, The - wild & free [2008]
2 CD-Set! "The Dirty Thirty"! Die Radiators aus New Orleans, eine der etabliertesten Swamp-/Southern-/Jamrock-Bands der letzten 3 Dekaden, feiern ihr 30-jähriges Jubiläum mit einem wahren Leckerbissen für die riesige Fanbase, die sie mittlerweile nicht nur rund um die Juke Joints von New Orleans, sondern in der ganzen Welt haben: der Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Doppel-Albums "Wild & free"! Das Teil ist jedoch nicht irgendeine weitere Neu-Veröffentlichung, sondern etwas ganz Besonderes. Die Truppe um den exzellenten Sänger, Tastenmann und Songwriter Ed Volker und die beiden famosen Lead-Gitarristen Dave Malone (ebenfalls ein hervorragender Sänger und Autor) und Camile Baudoin hat für "Wild & free", neben zwei exklusiven, brandneu in 2008 eingespielten Studiotracks, akribisch ihre Archive nach interessanten und speziellen Live-Aufnahmen, raren Demos und unveröffentlichtem Studio-Material durchsucht und ist dabei nicht nur fündig geworden, sondern hat einen Teil der Aufnahmen dieser prächtigen Tapes ohne weitere große Aufarbeitung auf "Wild & free" gepackt. Herausgekommen ist eine herrliche Compilation, die die gesamten letzten 30 Jahre der Radiators umfasst und den Fans jede Menge tolles, bis dato nicht erhältliches Live- und Studio-Material beschert, dass ihnen das Herz aufgehen wird. Wie gesagt, die alten Archiv-Aufnahmen sind weitgehend unbehandelt übernommen werden, was sich des Öfteren in einem leichten Grundrauschen widerspiegelt, doch das tut der Freude keinen Abbruch und belegt nur die Authetizität und den Ursprung dieser Mtschnitte! Was sind hier für großartige Songperlen und brodelnde Live-Aufnahmen zu entdecken. Rhythmischer, kochender, heißer Louisiana Southern-/ Delta-/ Roots-/ Voodoo-/ Swamp-/ Groove-/Jam-Rock voller Intensität, Leidenschaft und atmosphärischer Dichte, gleichzeitig aber auch voller wunderbare Leichtigkeit und ausgelassener Spielfreude! Die beiden Gitarristen beispielsweise schaukeln sich immer wieder gegenseitig zu atemberaubenden, ellenlangen Gitarrenläufen hoch. Mitreißend! Nicht nur die Freunde solcher Bands wie Little Feat, Delta Moon, Widespread Panic und Konsorten werden ihre helle Freude haben, auch The Allman Brothers Band und sogar swampige Gov't Mule hinterlassen eindeutig ihre Spuren. Doch die Radiators hatten und haben trotz aller Verwandschaften schon immer ihre ganz eigene Identität, und die bringt die Deltas, Swamps und Bayous im Süden der USA zum Brodeln. Noch ein Wort zu den beiden brandneu, exklusiv für "Wild & free" eingespielten Studiotracks: Die sind einfach nur "baumstark"! Dabei handelt es sich zum einen um den kochenden, mit einem klasse Funk-Groove ausgestatteten, voller dreckiger Gitarren und rauer Soli steckenden Swamp-Rocker "Where was you at?" und zum anderen um das voller wunderbarem Southern-Soul steckende, von einer klasse Melodie durchzogene, lässig groovende, mit rauem Gesang vorgetragene, wunderbare "The girl with the golden eyes"! Knapp 2 1/2 Stunden rares, unveröffentlichtes und neues Radiators-Material mit insgesamt 28 Songs! Jawohl, die Radiators stehen noch immer voll im Saft und spielen ihre unwiderstehliche "fish head music", wie sie ihre grandiose Mucke augenzwinkernd bezeichnen, nach wie vor ungezwungen, voller Spielfreude, zwanglos "wild & free" - wie vor 30 Jahren! Tolle Truppe, eine großartige Zudsammenstellung raren Materials und die Gewißheit, dass von diesen "Rads" noch immer eine Menge zu erwarten ist - was wollen die Fans mehr! Großartig!

Disc 1
1. Wild And Free
2. House Of Blue Lights
3. Suck The Head, Squeeze The Tip
4. Oh Beautiful Loser
5. Love Trouble
6. Where Was You At?
7. My Home Is On the Border
8. Like Dreamers Do
9. Fever Dream
10. Hard Core
11. Cupid’s Got A Mighty Arrow
12. I Want To Go Where The Green Arrow Goes
13. Songs From The Ancient Furnace

Disc 2
1. The Girl With The Golden Eyes
2. Hard Time Train
3. Have A Little Mercy
4. One Eyed Jack
5. Doctor Doctor
6. The Forever Man
7. Strangers
8. Stand By Me, Baby
9. When Her Snake Eyes Roll
10. All Meat Off The Same Bone
11. Hard Rock Kid
12. Last Getaway
13. Tear My Eyes Out
14. King Solomon Don’t Mind
15. Red Dress

Art-Nr.: 5814
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Wild and free
Suck the head, squeeze the tip
Where was you at?
The girl with the golden eyes
Doctor Doctor
When her snake eyes roll

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Sugarland - love on the inside ~ deluxe fan edition [2008]
Deluxe Fan-Edition mit 5 Bonustracks! Erfrischend , lebendig, wunderbar! Sugarland (Jennifer Nettles und Kristian Bush) setzen auch mit ihrem von den Fans heiß herbeigesehnten dritten Album konsequent ihren musikalisch eingeschlagenenWeg fort und werden dabei immer besser! Nettles' Stimme war nie kraftvoller, variabler und stärker, Bush's Harmonies, sein Acoustic Gitarren- und Mandolinenspiel waren nie vielfältiger. Dieses Duo ist mit seinem durchaus in Traditionen verwurzelten, aber so modernen, knackigen, dabei alles andere als glamourösen, sondern stets erdigen, exakt auf den Punkt produzierten New Contry-/Country-Rockpop-Sound eine wahre Wohltat für Nashville! Das Album erscheint in den USA in zwei Ausgaben, einer "normalen" Version mit 12 neuen Tracks und einer sogenannten "Deluxe Fan-Edition" mit 5 zusätzlichen Bonustracks! Darüber hinaus kommt die Deluxe-Ausgabe in einer speziellen, edlen Digipack-Verpackung inklusive eines alle Texte und viele Fotos enthaltenden, 20-seitigen Booklets und der Zugangsmöglichkeit zu exklusivem Video-Material. Also, keine Frage: Die "aufgemotzte" Ausgabe ist definitiv die, die es sich lohnt zu kaufen - und deshalb bieten wir auch ausschließlich diese an! Insgesamt ist das Songmaterial im Vergleich zu den beiden mega-erfolgreichen Vorgängern vielleicht etwas "verhaltener" ausgefallen. Will heißen: Der Anteil an Balladen hat im Vergleich zu den Uptempo-Nummern leicht zugenommen. Dennoch strotzt auch dieses Album vor Dynamik und Energie - und das Songmaterial ist einfach nur klasse! Ohne Ausnahme! Toll beispielsweise der froh gelaunte Opener "All I want to do" (gleichzeitig die erste Single und bereits auf dem besten Wege die nächste Nr. 1 des Duos zu werden), mit seinen kernigen Slide Gitarren-Licks (großartig: Gitarren-As Michael Landau), dem trockenen Ambiente und dem wundervollen "Ooh hu hu hu hu"-Mitsing-Refrain, der knackige, sehr melodische Uptempo Rockin' Country-Shuffle/-Boogie "It happens", der traumhafte, einfach herrlich ins Ohr gehende Country-Stomper "We run" mit seinen vitalen Acoustic Gitarren-Rhythmen, dem knackigen Drumming und großartigen Akkordeon-Spiel, die exzellente, leicht folkig angehauchte, einmal mehr wundervoll melodische, Mandolinen-getränkte Country-Ballde "Genevieve", das entspannte "Already gone", der satte, rockige, ungemein melodische Knaller "Take me as I am", das rootsige, viel Americana-Feeling aufbauende, von schöner Slide, Steelguitar und einem klasse Traditional Country-Rhythmus bestimmte "Steve Earle" (einer Huldigung der beiden an die große Roots-/Alternate Country-Ikone), und die wunderschöne, getragene, ruhige, kristallklar in Szene gesetzte, reine Country-Ballade "Very last country song" - eine traumhafte Nummer! Die fünf, auf der Fan-Edition zusätzlich enthaltenen Songs (3 weitere neue Studio-Tracks und 2 bärenstarke, bislang auch nicht als Studioversion existierende Live-Nummern) reihen sich nahtlos an den hohen Qualitätsstandard der übrigen Stücke an und sind somit für den geneigten Sugarland- und New Country-Fan ebenso unverzichtbar! Erwähnenswert hier besonders die brillante Live-Fassung des Achtziger Jahre-/Dream Academy-Klassikers "Life in a northern town", das am 13. Dezember 2007 in Fayettevill/North Carolina während der gemeinsamen US-Tour von Sugarland mit Little Big Town und Jake Owen mitgeschnitten wurde, die sich auch alle gesanglich an dieser tollen Intepretation beteiligten. Sugarland sind und bleiben mit "Love on the inside" (vielleicht sogar ihr ausgereiftestes, bestes Album) eines der absoluten Zugpferde Nashvilles in Sachen knackigem, modernem, qualitativ gochwertigem New Country, inklusive "eingebauter" Hit- und Chart-Garantie! Ein tolles Album - und darüber hinaus mit über 71 Minuten Spielzeit ein wirklich prall gefüll

Ganz interessant: Ein offizieller Sugaland "Song by Song"-Überblick (im Original):

"All I Want To Do"
The duo’s intent here was to have a lot of swing to the lead single of this album. To funk it up a bit, and keep it very hooky. Musically, this number’s somewhere between Bonnie Raitt and Jack Johnson, with some Marvin Gaye and Van Halen thrown in. "I love the flirty sound," says Jennifer Nettles. "We just always want to bring different energies, and we got to play on the lighter side this time." If you listen close, the easy percussion from Matt Chamberlain gives the song its sexy heartbeat.

"It Happens"
Sometimes, you just gotta let go. That’s what this gritty little tune’s all about, says the duo. "We always say we should take the music seriously, but not ourselves," Nettles says. When the guitar comes in at the top, you know this is going to be a little more 80s pop than down-home country. Think "Walking on Sunshine". Because this tune wraps it all up with some very advisable lyrics: "Let go, laughing". And Nettles thinks the ironies, like getting in a fender bender with your ex and his new girl, shows listeners what a grand sense of humor the universe has. It’s a very uptempo way to look at a world that’s out of your control.

"We Run"
New love. Young love. Green love. There’s an excitement to that experience that Sugarland has captured in this intoxicating bluegrassy rocker. Nettles admits this grew from a seed of an idea that Bush had, since he grew up playing mountain music in Tennessee. And this song lends itself to that Appalachian sound, that driving four-on-the-floor beat. You can’t really describe that feeling, so the duo chose to show it rather than tell it. The imagery--of pockets of dirt and reckless weather on the breath--convey how beautiful, messy and powerful love can be.

Teenage love doesn’t always have a happy ending. Especially when a tear-jerker like Bill Anderson has pen in hand. He helped Nettles and Bush craft this modern take on the traditional teen tragedy, and yet much more alternative influences went into the vocals. "We ended up with a haunting wail in the chorus and this R.E.M. background vocal," says Bush of the melancholy music. "It’s simple and dark." The rich texture of this song is built around all those "what ifs" that run through your mind as you explore regret. "Nothing mitigates loss," says Nettles "But everyone has regrets, so we can all relate."

Nettles’ powerhouse pipes take center stage in this ballad. And that strength comes though in the form of questions, about how you can possibly define love. Is it the face of a child? Kindness in the eyes of a stranger? In a hotel room in Washington D.C., when Sugarland was chasing down the theme of the whole album, the topic of love came up. "No way could you ever narrow it down," Nettles says of their writing time with Tim Owens ("Settlin’"). There’s love lost, love found, new and old loves. So this tune gets right in the middle, and makes some reaches musically. Bush’s powerful voice is featured for the second half of this song. "When we were writing the back half, Jen said ‘I want you to sing these words I wrote just for you,’" recalls Bush. "I will always feel special singing those words."

Nettles said that Bush had the whole first verse worked out. That verse--and his pure, sweet mandolin work--were inspiring enough. But when the idea for some three-part harmony came up, it only made this dirge of a country heartache even better. Nettles says it reminded her of some of the southern Baptist hymns she grew up on, and likes that the story’s not clear cut. "It’s a beautiful thing when we get to play characters that are complicated." There’s a mystery of who this character is that is coping with such a dramatic loss. It’s a little twisted. But that creates an even stronger pull into the lyrics.

"Already Gone"
A waltz-time lope? On a country album? Writing with Bobby Pinson ("Want To"), the duo was determined to do a song in six-eight. And to keep it very personal. "This is the story of coming of age, literally and emotionally," says Nettles. And it’s such a healing tale, about a woman who is growing up, leaving home, falling in love and saying goodbye.

"Keep You"
Is it possible to write an emotional song about being numb? It’s like writing a song about being loud by being quiet, Nettles and Bush think. That irony, blended with a bittersweet epiphany of knowing it’s time to walk away, make this one of the most contemporary done-me-wrong songs of our time. "Subtlety and nuance make all the difference in this song. Painting emotions with broad strokes is easy, but this time we’re using a toothbrush to dig through the finer emotions," says Nettles, comparing the duo to archeologists. And the vocal range she plays with throughout keep this song on the edgier side, because of the way she explodes into huge notes that few singers can even attempt.

"Take Me As I Am"
When the curtain opens, there’s a woman in a hotel room at night. As the song unravels, so does the mystery of why she’s there. In this character-driven narrative, with a Pat Benatar influence and some solid electric guitar work, the empowering message is clear. When you reach that point, when you are comfortable in your own skin, the line about "I’m not perfect, but I’m worth it" makes all the sense in the world. This could very well be the anthem of the unsung heroes who walk among us every day. "This is a very grown-up place to get to in your life," Nettles explains.

"What I’d Give"
Written with Kenny Chesney’s long-time lead guitarist Clayton Mitchell, this one builds a lingering story around some Faces era guitar and mandolin stylings. The kind that Sugarland thinks make for a story of their own. Usually in country, the song ends when the bow is tied off neatly with a lyric. But after the last lyric ends, they still had more to say musically. Nettles vocals are sultrier than they’ve ever been, and she likes the romantic implications of the lyrics. And both she and Bush agree that if you aren’t making out halfway into this six-minute yearning, then you aren’t ever going to be.

"Steve Earle"
If you know anything about Steve Earle, this song will thrill you with its comic pining for his songwriting. If you don’t know him, it’ll certainly pique your curiosity. Both Nettles and Bush share a fondness for Earle’s brand of country. It taught them that country was still viable, and gave them confidence to reimagine the sound. And when the duo found out what a shameless romantic Earle was, they had to set all his comings and goings to music. This upbeat barn burner fueled by a big pedal steel, is a playful way to process a painful subject. Nettles looks at it this way: "There comes a point in life of a troubadour when the character can become heroic. Even legendary."

"Very Last Country Song"
Aptly named, the last song on the album is a look at what would happen if nothing ever went wrong again. "If life stayed the way it was, if those conditions weren’t in our lives, then this would literally be the last country song," says Nettles. Everything is as it should be was the impetus and inspiration behind this song. Co-writer Tim Owens told the duo that someone had once asked him why country music was always so sad. Owens’ answer was that if bad things never happened, then what would we have to write about? The ethereal tones underneath this song stay quiet enough so the insight into the human condition can be felt. Like when you can hear Nettles smile as she sings the verse that looks back on the unexpected joy of an unexpected child.

Plus 5 Bonus-Tacks:

Fall Into Me 4:46
Operation: Working Vacation 3:59
Wishing 4:11
Life In A Northern Town (Live) 4:14
Come On Get Higher (Live)

Art-Nr.: 5848
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 18,90

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