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Allman Brothers Band, The - where it all begins [1994]
Enthält die Originalfassung von Warren Haynes' "Soulshine"!

Review AMG:
After a year of personal and personnel problems, the Allman Brothers Band got back together to record the surprisingly consistent live-in-the-studio venture Where It All Begins. It lacks the ambition and stretch of Seven Turns or Shades of Two Worlds, along with their peaks, but it is still a solidly consistent album, driven by some of the virtues of live spontaneity. Highlights include Gregg Allman's frank drug song "All Night Train," the Bo Diddley-beat-driven "No One to Run With," and the glorious dual-guitar workout "Back Where It All Begins." ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi

Die komplette Tracklist:

1 All Night Train - 4:04   
2 Sailin' 'Cross the Devil's Sea - 4:57   
3 Back Where It All Begins - 9:12   
4 Soulshine - 6:44   
5 No One to Run With - 5:59   
6 Change My Way of Living - 6:15   
7 Mean Woman Blues - 5:01   
8 Everybody's Got a Mountain to Climb - 4:01   
9 What's Done Is Done - 4:09   
10 Temptation Is a Gun - 5:37

Art-Nr.: 7231
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 8,90

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Gallagher, Rory - notes from san francisco [2011]
2 CD-Set! Unverzichtbar für die Fans dieses unvergessenen Gitarrengottes! Dieses 2 CD-Set beinhaltet ein bislang nie veröffentlichtes, in San Francisco aufgenommenes Studioalbum aus dem Jahre 1978, das Rory seinerzeit wegen seiner Meinung nach nicht zufriedenstellender Abmischung aus dem Verkehr zog (jetzt wurden die Aufnahmen von Rory's Bruder und seinem Neffen neu überarbeitet) und auf der CD2 einen ebenfalls bislang unveröffentlichten Live-Mitschnitt vom Dezember 1979 aus dem Old Waldorf von San Francisco. Der Sound der beiden CDs ist absolut in Ordnung! Historisch bedeutende, musikalische Dokumente aus dem Fundus dieses begnadeten Blues Rock'n Roll-Gitarristen.

Ein informatives U.S.-Review im Original:

It's surprising, considering the interesting back-story on the studio portion of this posthumous Rory Gallagher release, that there are no notes on the actual packaging to chronicle its eventual appearance in 2011, nearly 33 years after being recorded in December,1977. According to the press release though, Gallagher clashed with producer Elliot Mazer about the mix on these dozen tunes and not only shelved the tapes, but broke up his long time band after the San Francisco session ended. Out went keyboardist Lou Martin and drummer Rod de'Ath, replaced by skinsman Ted McKenna (bassist Gerry McAvoy remained) to strip down the sound for his next phase. About half these songs such as "Mississippi Sheiks," "Fuel to the Fire," "Brute Force & Ignorance," "Cruise on Out" and "Overnight Bag" appeared on 1978's Photo Finish in different performances. Some like the closing "Out on the Tiles" and "B Girl" will be new to all but the most ardent Gallagher followers. The guitarist apparently mentioned to his brother Donal shortly before his death that he'd like the tapes to be released someday if they were remixed, which is exactly what Donal's son Daniel did in 2011, resulting in these long lost tracks finally seeing the light of day. Despite Gallagher's reservations, everything here is up to his usual high standard and he obviously respected the material enough to re-record the bulk of it with a different band and producer later that year. Electric violin on "Mississippi Sheiks" is a new twist on both Gallagher's blues/rock style and the song, which helps differentiate this version from the more famous one that appeared on Photo Finish. Saxophone, played by Martin Fiero, enhances two cuts, also bringing a unique groove, especially to the lumbering "Brute Force and Ignorance." The package includes a December 1979 live show, also recorded in San Francisco, that finds Gallagher and his two piece in typically fine fettle. They revisit the Taste-era chestnut "Bullfrog Blues" and tear into the rarity "I'm Leavin'" with their notoriously paint peeling approach. He digs back some years for a tough take on "Tattoo'd Lady" but most of the set is derived from his mid-late 70s albums Top Priority, Photo Finish and Calling Card. A closing breathless "Sea Cruise" is probably a nod to Jerry Lee Lewis on whose album that appeared on with Gallagher guesting. It caps off a roaring, electrifying show that, along with the studio disc, makes a worthwhile addition to any Gallagher lover's collection. Even lacking detailed liner notes this is a keeper and an important historical document in Rory Gallagher's short but eventful career. ~ Hal Horowitz, Rovi

Disc 1
1 Rue the Day - 4:26   
2 Persuasion - 4:45   
3 B Girl - 4:42   
4 Mississippi Sheiks - 5:56   
5 Wheels Within Wheels - 3:40   
6 Overnight Bag - 4:46   
7 Cruise On Out - 5:19   
8 Brute Force & Ignorance - 5:45   
9 Fuel To the Fire - 5:43   
10 Wheels Within Wheels [Alt. Version] [Alternate Take][Version] - 3:55   
11 Cut a Dash [bonus track] - 3:49   
12 Out On the Tiles [bonus track] - 4:22   

Disc 2
1 Follow Me [Live] - 6:25   
2 Shinkicker [Live] - 3:42   
3 Off the Handle [Live] - 7:01   
4 Bought and Sold [Live] - 4:43   
5 I'm Leavin' [Live] - 4:35   
6 Tattoo'd Lady [Live] - 6:49   
7 Do You Read Me [Live] - 6:11   
8 Country Mile [Live] - 3:51   
9 Calling Card [Live] - 5:51   
10 Shadow Play [Live] - 5:11   
11 Bullfrog Blues [Live] - 5:38   
12 Sea Cruise [Live] - 3:39

Art-Nr.: 7376
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Moreland & Arbuckle - just a dream [2011]
Kochende Fusion aus brodelndem Delta Blues, drückendem Southern Rock und rauem, eine Menge Dreck aufwühlendem, erdigem Roots-/Bluesrock. Aaron Moreland (guitars, bass, background vocals) und Dustin Arbuckle (lead vocals harmonica), zusammen mit ihrem Drummer Brad Horner und ein paar musikalischen Gästen (u. a. Steve Cropper - guitars on 1 track und Chris Wiser - keyboards on 4 tracks), mit einem ungemein rauen, authentischen, voller Inspiration, Leidenschaft und Seele eingespielten "Killer"-Album, das ohne Zweifel einen neuen Höhepunkt in der nun schon über 10-jährigen Karriere dieser Jahr für Jahr exzessiv durch die USA tourenden, "road-tested" Band. Es ist grandios, wie sie ihre unbändige, raue Live-Power auch ins Studio transportieren. Musikalisch hört man Spuren von den North Mississippi Allstars, der Steepwater Band, The Black Crowes oder Anders Osborne, genauso wie von Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson oder Paul Butterfield. Der Süden kocht, die Swamps brodeln, der Blues ist allgegenwärtig, genau wie ihre "raw Power". Dreckige Bluesharp-Ausflüge und mächtig Dampf machende Slide-Gitarren dominieren das Geschehen. Toller Gesang, großartiges Songmaterial, u. a. mit einer prächtigen Coverversion von Tom Waits' "Heartattack and wine" und Howlin' Wolf's "Who will be next". Ein "sauscharfes", mitreissendes Gebräu! Rauer,Harp- und Gitarren-dominierter Delta-/Roots-/Southern-Bluesrock vom Allerfeinsten!

Hier noch ein Original U.S. Review:

A decade into their partnership, roots/blues rockers Aaron Moreland and Dustin Arbuckle have logged tens of thousands of road miles and released a handful of well-received albums, but for the first time, they have put extra effort and hours in at the studio perfecting a set of songs. The work has paid off. Their previous releases adequately captured the duo's live vocal-harp-guitar swamp rock fireworks, but this one is crafted with more care and attention to details that enhance the raw power that remains at the heart of their approach. Chris Wiser lays down swirling organ on four tracks, adding to the intensity of tunes such as "Purgatory" and the thunderous "Troll" that already charge ahead with locomotive force. Guitarist/producer Moreland keeps the sound basic, yet bolsters it with occasional overdubs and background vocals. When the twosome connect with overdriven hard and distorted guitar on the thundering riff of "Travel Every Mile," the effect emerging out of large speakers or even ear-buds feels like a swaggering, stomping elephant. Tom Waits' "Heart Attack and Vine," a longtime concert favorite, gets the Moreland & Arbuckle treatment, which means the basic guitar lick is amplified and the sleaze aspect, already substantial with Waits' decadent, urban lyrics, is emphasized with music that matches the seedy concepts. Harpist/singer Arbuckle has become a powerful, expressive performer and even lays his harp down for a handful of selections to concentrate on vocals. The stream of consciousness, somewhat rambling, spoken word dialog of "Gypsy Violin" is the album's most adventurous, even experimental moment. The backwards tapes and dialog lend a psychedelic edge that, while it doesn't entirely connect, shows the twosome are willing to explore outside of their typical boundaries, challenging themselves and their audience. Booker T and the MG's guitarist Steve Cropper appears to add a solo to his "White Lightnin'," shifting to twangy soul, also a bit of a departure from the blues-rock at the heart of the disc. Songs like the grinding "So Low" chug and stomp to a slower, more humid beat with Moreland's grimy guitar taking center stage. They return to their Chicago roots with a cover of the Howlin' Wolf approved "Who Will Be Next," a pile-driving performance and showcase for Arbuckle's Little Walter-styled amplified harmonica. Throughout the disc, Moreland & Arbuckle shift and morph their trademarked attack just enough to keep the music contemporary yet drenched in the deep well of inspiration they get from their predecessors in the blues genre. ~ Hal Horowitz, Rovi

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1 The Brown Bomber - 4:51
2 Just a Dream - 3:46
3 Purgatory - 4:11
4 Travel Every Mile - 4:50
5 Heartattack and Vine - 3:48
6 Troll - 5:17
7 Gypsy Violin - 1:37
8 Shadow Never Changes - 4:06
9 Good Love - 3:47
10 Who Will Be Next - 3:00
11 So Low - 5:27
12 White Lightnin' - 3:36

Art-Nr.: 7526
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 14,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Just a dream
Travel every mile
Shadow never changes
Good love
So low
White lightnin'

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