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Allman Brothers Band, The - where it all begins [1994]
Enthält die Originalfassung von Warren Haynes' "Soulshine"!

Review AMG:
After a year of personal and personnel problems, the Allman Brothers Band got back together to record the surprisingly consistent live-in-the-studio venture Where It All Begins. It lacks the ambition and stretch of Seven Turns or Shades of Two Worlds, along with their peaks, but it is still a solidly consistent album, driven by some of the virtues of live spontaneity. Highlights include Gregg Allman's frank drug song "All Night Train," the Bo Diddley-beat-driven "No One to Run With," and the glorious dual-guitar workout "Back Where It All Begins." ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi

Die komplette Tracklist:

1 All Night Train - 4:04   
2 Sailin' 'Cross the Devil's Sea - 4:57   
3 Back Where It All Begins - 9:12   
4 Soulshine - 6:44   
5 No One to Run With - 5:59   
6 Change My Way of Living - 6:15   
7 Mean Woman Blues - 5:01   
8 Everybody's Got a Mountain to Climb - 4:01   
9 What's Done Is Done - 4:09   
10 Temptation Is a Gun - 5:37

Art-Nr.: 7231
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 8,90

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Lady Antebellum - wheels up tour ~ dvd & cd-set [2015]
Die DVD dieses Sets hat den Regionalcode 1!
Das bedeutet, sie läuft ausschließlich auf DVD-Playern, die diesen amerikanischen Regionalcode 1 lesen können.

Sehr rar! Mit exklusiver CD!
1 DVD & 1 CD-Set! Walmart Exclusive!
Wir haben die sehr schwer zu bekommende Exclusive-Edition der grandiosen Live-Show aus dem Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre vom Juni 2015 von Lady Antebellum's "Wheels Up"-Tour! Normalerweise gibt es das Teil nur als DVD-Ausgabe. Diese Edition beinhaltet aber zusätzlich noch eine fantastische 10 Songs umfassende Live-CD dieses mitreissenden Konzertes. Lady Antebellum gehören ohne jeden Zweifel zu den besten Acts der heutigen Countryszene - künnstlerisch höchst kompetent und kommerziell mega-erfolgreich. Was für ein Highlight!

Das Set gibt es, auch in den USA, nicht im regulären Handel, sondern lediglich exklusiv über die Walmart-Kette zu beziehen. Wir haben ein paar ergattern können.

Tracklisting DVD:
1) Long Stretch Of Love
2) Bartender
3) American Honey
4) Freestyle
5) Our Kind Of Love
6) Just A Kiss
7) Compass (with Hunter Hayes)
8) Where It All Begins (with Hunter Hayes)
9) Perfect Day
10) Love Don't Live Here
11) Medley: Thinking Out Loud / Dancin' Away With My Heart / Hello World
12) I Run To You
13) Downtown
14) Any Man Of Mine
15) Walk This Way (with Hunter Hayes & Sam Hunt)
16) Looking For A Good Time
17) 747
18) Need You Now
19) We Owned The Night
20) Landslide

Tracklisting CD:
1) Long Stretch Of Love - 3.15
2) Bartender - 3.30
3) American Honey - 5.29
4) Just A Kiss - 3.41
5) Compass (with Hunter Hayes) - 4.38
6) I Run To You - 4.00
7) Downtown - 3.18
8) 747 - 4.20
9) Need You Now - 5.31
10) We Owned The Night - 4.19

Art-Nr.: 9117
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 6,90

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Old Dominion - same [2019]
Drittes, schlicht Old Dominion betiteltes, sehr überzeugendes Album von einer der erfolgreichsten, aktuellen U.S.- Countrybands. Die Fans der Jungs aus Nashville dürfen sich freuen, denn Old Dominion führen ihren so erfolgreichen Sound der ersten beiden Alben gekonnt fort. Da macht es einfach richtig Laune zuzuhören. 12 großartige, ungemein melodische Tracks voller herrlicher Harmonien, sehr frisch, sehr sommerlich, luftig, mit einem Hauch von Westcoast-Feeling, wie es einst die Eagles versprühten. Bei diesen vielen Ohrwürmern werden wieder eine Menge Hits abfallen, wie etwa das flockige "Make it sweet", das umgehend wieder die Chartspitze erreicht hat. Bester Mainstream New Country und Country Pop, der qualitativ über jeden Zweifel erhaben ist. Old Dominion einmal mehr mit einer hervorragenden Vorstellung!

Hier ein Original U.S.-Review:

Old Dominion continues to channel clever lyrics, modern production and positivity into their new self-titled album. Across 12 tracks, the CMA Award winning band of Matthew Ramsey, Brad Tursi, Trevor Rosen, Geoff Sprung and Whit Sellers maintains their inspiring disposition while exploring deeper emotions.
The group puts an uplifting foot forward with the encouraging chart-topper “Make it Sweet” that opens their third studio project, leading into “Smooth Sailing,” a song that finds a silver lining in the midst of life’s obstacles as they optimistically sing, “come hell or high water/the sun’s gonna shine/might not be tomorrow/but I know I’m gonna find smooth sailing.” They share a similar sense of reflection on “One Man Band,” expressing a desire to no longer walk through life alone, longing to find someone to share the precious memories with.
Old Dominion begins to take on a more melancholy tone with “My Heart is a Bar,” the narrator coming to the revelation that he often feels taken advantage of in relationships, comparing his heart to a lonely bar where dwellers go to wash their woes away. “Well I’ve come to the conclusion/that true love is an illusion/you’re being used/or you’re using someone else,” Ramsey sings honestly. The five-member troupe continues to weave sorrow into creative lyricism on “Hear You Now,” injecting vulnerability into the main character who realizes that a past love’s prediction that he’ll end up alone should he not change his ways has come to fruition. They convey this sense of remorse through lyrics that portray the sound of pouring rain filling the silence, while the echo of “goodbye” rattles in his mind like a midnight train, finally hearing her words pierce “clear and loud” through the empty loneliness.
They follow this by stepping outside of their sonic realm with “I’ll Roll” that finds them whisking off on a journey around the world with a gypsy woman over a swampy, yet mellow melody. They connect to a similar soul on one of the album’s best numbers, “Paint the Grass Green.” Letting imaginative lyrics soar, the singers use vivid imagery to paint a picture of a woman who longs to venture beyond her comfort zone, the lyrics calling to mind the iconic scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps into a world of color for the first time after living in black and white. “If you think the world looks better on that side of the fence/I’ll paint the grass green/like a Technicolor dream/if our love is fading babe/I’ll brighten up the sea/I’ll paint the grass green,” Ramsey sings over a shimmering pop-style melody.
The album ends on a truly humble note with “Some People Do.” The quintet lets poignancy take center stage with a lead character who takes responsibility for the pain he’s caused in the past, conveying a sincere desire to rectify his mistakes. Between Ramsey’s plaintive delivery and his bandmates’ gentle harmonies, it’s one of their most personal songs yet, particularly through such introspection as “some people quit drinking too much/and some people quit lying/some people decide to grow up/but it’s never good timing/most wouldn’t forgive/what I put you through/but I’m here tonight/hoping some people do,” the haunting marriage of piano and cello driving home the emotion of the words, making for an intimate and moving way to close the album.
Throughout the self-titled project, Old Dominion show that they’re diving beneath the surface to a more reflective place, relying as much on thought-provoking subjects matters as clever lyrics to tell their story – a combination that draws fans to their distinct sound and bright spirit.
(John Balsom / Sound like Nashville)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Make It Sweet - 3:06
2. Smooth Sailing - 3:35
3. One Man Band - 3:06
4. Never Be Sorry - 3:25
5. My Heart Is a Bar - 3:59
6. Midnight Mess Around - 3:56
7. Do It With Me - 3:36
8. Hear You Now - 4:22
9. I'll Roll - 3:25
10. American Style - 2:48
11. Paint the Grass Green - 3:28
12. Some People Do - 3:14

Art-Nr.: 9916
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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