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King, Marcus - young blood [2022]
Zweites Solo-Album des Namensgebers der Marcus King Band, dem phänomenalen Gitarristen, Sänger und Songwriter Marcus King, wie der Grammy-nominierte Vorgänger "El Dorado" erneut erstklassig produziert von Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) und eingespielt in dessen" Easy Eye Studios" in Nashville. Was der heute gerade einmal 25-jährige King hier mit "Young blood" abliefert, ist nicht mehr und nicht weniger, als ein absolutes Meisterwerk. Weitaus rockiger, rauer und intensiver als beim Vorgänger leben King und seine exzellente Begleittruppe ihre tiefen Bluesrock-, Southern Rock- und Classic Rock-Inspirationen voller Hingabe und Seele voll und ganz aus - und die Betonung liegt auf "Rock". Das Songmaterial ist grandios. King singt "soulful" wie immer, mit unglaublicher Ausdrucksstärke, und sein variables, zündendes Gitarrenspiel ist so außergewöhnlich wie brillant. Was für ein Feuer! Bläser sind diesmal nicht involviert, es dominieren ausschließlich die Gitarren. Es gibt auf dem kompletten Album nicht die Spur einer schwächelnden Nummer. Ein absolutes "Killer"-Teil!

Hier eine passende, zu Recht begeisterte Original U.S.-Kritik zu diesem Knüller-Album:

Marcus King cuts loose on his new album Young Blood with high-voltage blues rocking tracks and a serious nod to the best of 70s rock. Given that King’s stellar guitar playing was minimized on his last album, El Dorado, thankfully the virtuosic player is back and in fine form. King comes alive on this scorcher with fiery guitar, smoldering vocals and a new rock & roll swagger.
Young Blood is surely Marcus King’s best effort to date. The 26-year-old Grammy nominated vocalist, guitarist and songwriter reveals 11 blistering songs with influences from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, ZZ Top, Grand Funk Railroad and The Allman Brothers, but with his own modern twist. This isn’t a throwback album, but one that’s powered with the speed and torque of a V8.
Produced by The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach, King strove for a classic rock power trio sound with his ’59 Les Paul and vintage amp, sequestering himself in Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound studio for six days. Marcus says, “We cut everything live, including vocals and guitar.”
Honest about having gone through a challenging time, the fourth generation South Carolina native opened a vein on many of the soul-shaking tracks, co-written with a variety of writers including Dan Auerbach, Desmond Child, Greg Cartwright, and Angelo Petraglia. King admits, “I was going through a lot during the album with addictions, breakups and addictions because of breakups.”
Marcus King transformed a rough passage in his life into the record of his career.
A smoking hot album opener, “It’s Too Late” is a rocking breakup song of love and respect for a woman he’s about to lose. With tremendous groove, King’s virtuosic guitar riffs and husky vocals reach new heights. Full throttle with soul and rhythm, it’s the kind of song we’ve been waiting for. It kicks open the gates for Marcus King to go all out.
Another standout, “Lie Lie Lie” is anchored by a catchy guitar riff, tight bass and drums and a synced interconnection between the band members. King’s guitar flies and cries, stutters with a Billy Gibbons tone. He sings, “I’m the fire baby, you know you’re my gasoline.” The track transitions to a side break of jam-band sensibility including flute and another rhythm alltogether.
The band includes Marcus King (lead vocals, guitar), Chris St. Hilaire (drums, percussion), Nick Movshon (bass), and Andy Gabbard (guitar, background vocals.)
I can’t think of any artist today who’s remotely similar to Marcus King. He has something special beyond guitar virtuosity, soulful vocals, and well-written songs. He has so much soul combined with technique, you simply cannot turn away. Almost a Ray Charles mixed with Hendrix-like guitar innovation and skill.
Young Blood might be described as a 70s blues/rock album, but there isn’t anyone who is creating albums this fresh. Perhaps it Auerbach’s guiding hand, in addition to the mentors/producers who came before him. Warren Haynes is the first champion of Marcus King, and produced his second LP The Marcus King Band in 2016 when King was only 20 years old. Five albums and EPs later, you can still hear hints of Haynes and Gov’t Mule.
Among the meaty blues rockers with catchy guitar licks and grooves, there’s tales of despair and darkness. Even those are buoyed by exquisite musicianship and songcraft. “Pain” is one of them, jacked up by memorable guitar riffs and rhythms. The Hendrix-influenced “Aim High” has one of the most compelling guitar hooks I’ve heard.
“Blood On The Tracks,” co-written with Desmond Child (Aerosmith), seeps a Creedence Clearwater Revival vibe. King’s vocals couldn’t be more soulful, his guitar extra gritty. Marcus shares, “’Blood On The Tracks’ symbolizes getting on the train and leaving everything behind—or jumping in front of the train and leaving everything behind. Either way, it’s an escape.”
Don’t miss the rock & roll “Hard Working Man” and the riff-based blues rocker “Aim High,” a favorite on the album. On the latter you can almost see King, Auerbach and the band in the studio cutting the track with crisp drumming and bass, heads nodding in unison to the deep rhythm.
“Blues Worse Than I Ever Had” closes out the album, a country/rock number that’s soulful in a way that shoots straight for the heart.
Young Blood by Marcus King is a five-star record. Highly recommended.
(Martine Ehrenclou / Rock and Blues Muse)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. It's Too Late - 2:56
2. Lie Lie Lie - 3:36
3. Rescue Me - 4:46
4. Pain - 4:22
5. Good and Gone - 3:21
6. Blood on the Tracks - 3:59
7. Hard Working Man - 3:37
8. Aim High - 5:14
9. Dark Cloud - 3:45
10. Whisper - 3:39
11. Blues Worse Than I Ever Had - 3:32

Art-Nr.: 10666
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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